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    When I first heard that Eric was returning to the show as a priest, I thought his character would be boring and would add very little to the Days canvas. However, now that Kristen has left his life in shambles, and he and Nicole have left their guts on the floor in scene after scene, I have to admit that I was very wrong. I find myself glued to the screen every time Greg Vaughn and Ari Zuker share scenes. I impressed with how well the writers have been able to ring drama from this yet-to-be re-consummated relationship… in this day and age.

    I love that they have made Eric both compassionate and judgmental, and achieved a healthy balance of both. Zuker’s Nicole is a tarnished soul, attempting to improve her life. Eric encourages her to be better, but often thinks the worst of Nicole since Kristen destroyed his life. As a result, Nicole rejects his influence. He sees the error of his ways, begs for forgiveness, and she does. Then, the cycle begins all over again. I’m pleasantly surprised, but I think I’m buying what Days is selling.

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