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    With yesterday’s announcement of a series of novels featuring Days characters coming this year, I’ve been wondering who should appear. To please everyone, they should feature a mix of new and old characters. For example, if we long-time John and Marlena fans can’t experience their adventures onscreen, how about they get a novel detailing their romantic exploits? John and Marlena could return to Salem and deal with the return of Kristen Blake. And to give the novels added weight, characters on screen (like Marlena’s daughter Sami) could make brief references to events in the novels.

    It would also be fun to see a Bo and Hope novel that either runs parallel to the show or is entirely separate.

    In terms of the books themselves, I imagine they will be pocketbooks. I hope they use photographs of the actors for the covers.

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    I just hope that the books are ‘canon’ and that they play a part into the actual story.

    John and Marlena’s adventures would be awesome, but i want it to be ‘current’ storylines, and have characters mention things in the show.

    like Bo "Hey isn’t it great news that John is out of the wheelchair and back at 100%?" or stuff like that.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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