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    If you were to swop the current actors on Days for Hollywood stars which actors would play which roles? Here is the current list of contract characters with my picks:

    Morgan Freeman as Abe Carver
    Hillary Duff as Abigail Deveraux
    Christian Bale as Austin Reed
    Edward Norton as Bo Brady
    Jake Gyllenhaal as Brady Black
    Jane Fonda as Caroline Brady
    Gwyneth Paltrow as Carrie Brady Reed
    Ethan Hawke as Dr. Daniel Jonas
    Jada Pinkett Smith as Dr. Lexie Carver
    Jonathan Rhys Meyers as E.J. DiMera
    Selena Gomez as Gabi Hernandez
    Julia Roberts as Hope Brady
    Jim Carry as Jack Deveraux
    Asher Book as Jackson “Sonny” Kiriakis
    Heather Locklear as Jennifer Horton Deveraux
    Tom Cruise as John Black
    Sigourney Weaver as Kate Roberts DiMera
    Scarlett Johansson as Madison James
    Susan Sarandon as Maggie Horton
    Meryl Streep as Dr. Marlena Evans
    Katie Cassidy as Melanie Jonas
    Charlize Theron as Nicole Walker DiMera
    Orlando Bloom as Quinn Hudson
    Eddie Cibrian as Rafe Hernandez
    Kevin Costner as Roman Brady
    Kate Hudson as Sami Brady
    Sean Connery as Stefano DiMera
    Anthony Hopkins as Victor Kiriakis
    Jeremy Sumpter as Will Horton
    Tobey Maguire as Lucas Roberts
    Marisa Tomei as Billie Reed

    And just because we want her back

    Angela Bassett as Celeste Perrault

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    Poor Tom Cruise is way too young for this role with these actors. What about Kurt Russel as John Black. And isn’t Heather Locklear too slutty for sweet Jen? They do look similar but personality counts too! I like Jim Carrey as Jack though! Julia as Hope is perfect. But if Edward Norton is Bo, I am not sure about that! Matthew Mcconaughhey as Bo sounds about right to me. And I would switch Sean Connery and Anthony Hopkins roles. Anthony has that depth of evil that is required for Stephano. Sean plays a more straight forward person such as Victor. Plus I can see him with Maggie. I would also like to throw in Jobeth Williams as Marlena.
    To throw in another character Shirley MacClaine as Vivian Allamain.
    Fun topic and pretty good cast though!

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    This is a fun casting idea. Thanks David. I agree with most, except for a few recast of my own…

    Sami Brady: Recast Kate Hudson with Emily van Camp (Revenge). I have yet to see Kate nail a “bitch” part, yet.

    Marlena Evans: Recast Meryl Streep with Jane Fonda.

    Caroline Brady: Now that Jane has moved over, let’s put Cloris Leachman in this role.

    John Black: Recast Tom Cruise (too young/”young-looking”) with Harrison Ford. More age-appropriate with my choice for Marlena.

    Jennifer Horton Devereaux: Recast Heather Locklear with Jennifer Aniston.

    Abby Devereaux: Recast Hilary Duff with Ellen Page.

    I like the idea of swapping Antony Hopkins and Sean Connery in the patriarchal roles.

    The Abe/Lexie pairing has ALWAYS creeped me out because of the age difference. The fantasy casting here, just exacerbates that! [ICK factor all over it!]

    This is it for now, unless I get inspired…

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    Sami Brady- Kate Hudson
    Carrie Brady- Reese Witherspoon
    Austin Reed- Mark Wahlberg
    Rafe Hernandez- Eddie Cibrian
    Gabi Hernandez- Selena Gomez
    Will Horton- Jeremy Sumpter
    Lucas Horton- Joaquin Phoenix
    Billie Reed- Angelina Jolie
    Victor Kiriakis- Anthony Hopkins
    Stefano DiMera- Frank Langella
    Roman Brady- Jeff Bridges
    Quinn Hudson- Sam Worthington
    Nicole Walker DiMera- Cameron Diaz
    Melanie Jonas- Evan Rachel Wood
    Dr. Marlena Evans- Bo Derek
    Maggie Horton- Shirley MacLaine
    Madison James- Kate Beckinsale
    Kate Roberts DiMera- Sigourney Weaver
    John Black- Harrison Ford
    Jennifer Horton Deveraux- Jennifer Aniston
    Jackson “Sonny” Kiriakis- Asher Book
    Jack Deveraux- Tom Cruise
    Hope Williams Brady- Julia Roberts
    E.J. DiMera- Christian Bale
    Dr. Lexie Carver- Halle Berry
    Dr. Daniel Jonas- Guy Pearce
    Caroline Brady- Jane Fonda
    Brady Black- Chris Pine
    Bo Brady- Tom Selleck
    Abby Deveraux- Taylor Swift
    Abe Carver- Denzel Washington

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    Terry I like lot of your choices! Bo Derrick as Marlena though I would have to chew on for a minute! Physically yes that is pretty good but is her acting up to par with the rest of your cast? Especially as the lead!
    I would think that Morgan Freeman instead of Denzel. I don’t think of Abe as being as handsome as Denzel. But I do see him as this truly authentic deep voiced character like a Morgan Freeman character.
    And I think Tom is way too old to play Bo Brady.

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