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    This week seems much better then last couple weeks on a daily basis, lets keep our fingers crossed each day brings something revealing. :)

    Monday-Brady Confronts Madison
    Lexie considers filing for divorce; Ian remembers Kate
    Tuesday-Marlena and Sami Have It Out, Sami discovers Marlena knows her secret.
    Austin and Carrie reach an agreement
    Wednesday -Kate Learns the Truth of Ian\Madison
    Marlena forces Sami to take responsibility for lying; Ian pitches a business proposal to Victor.

    Thursday -EJ Proposes Will gives in to his true emotions; Rafe learns the truth of Sami\EJ.

    Friday – Rafe Interrupts EJ’s Proposal to Nicole, Ej and Nicole’s anniversary is violently interrupted by man EJ has scorned
    Sami barges in just as her son is about to make a confession; Carrie discusses her marital troubles with Bo.

    Side Items
    Jack rejects an offer from Jennifer.
    Sonny witnesses Will finally acts on his true feelings. Will kisses one of Sonny’s friends

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    The last time Will was seen before yesterday’s episode, he was going to a party with Sonny and his friends. I’m assuming it was a party of young gay men. I feel rather cheated that we didn’t get to see Will in that type of setting for the first time.

    Was it a budget issue or did that get forgotten in the transition to the new EP? I’m not sure this Passions woman (as I call her) will be good for the show.


    @soaparmageddon: I believe the main reason for bringing Liza on as the EP was because she is like Frank Valentini when it comes to working with less money. Too many of the veteran EP’s don’t know how to work with smaller budgets since they are use to having millions upon millions to spend on lavish weddings and location shoots. So in this day and age you need an EP who knows how to stretch a dollar.

    When it comes to the storyline aspects. Passions was all Reilly’s creation. He was the was the big kahuna. So everything was translated from his will. That was all him. Liza did a good job at AMC as an associate EP. But I think she wanted the big job and you know who was not giving it up…

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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