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    This past week has been much improvement in episodes each day. The Sami & Carrie throw down was pretty good. It was the first time I seen CC be more then “vanilla” nice to see. Will story has been the inspiration of show and the strongest story thus far…but the fallout between Abe & Lexi could be more interesting then reading the spoilers. This could have trickle down effect on not only Abe, Jennifer, EJ especially connected to Abe and if he gets arrested for voter fraud could open a new can worms. The biggest difference I see personally is Sami, where she was been written more mature, struggling mom and now I see more of Sami reverting back to immature Sami, not sure if I will like this Sami. I know enough this is how Sami is but I don’t want to see Sami acting like she’s 16 and no brain cells. Then what happened with the story of Sami & Kate, has it been completely forgotten like Alice? It was just getting juice between Sami & Kate and haven’t seen zilch of story? But happier camp so far this week and we still have today’s episode. Here are next week’s preview which looks pretty good and Lucus will be arriving in coming weeks.

    Sami and Marlena exchange heated words; Rafe confides in Carrie about Sami’s affair; Daniel comforts Nicole.
    Daniel delivers Nicole some startling information; Ian puts Madison in a horrible situation.
    Sami experiences a tough day; Ian drops a bombshell on Kate.
    John and Hope recall their passionate past; EJ presents a business opportunity to Lexie.
    John reveals his secret occupation to Hope.
    Rafe confides in Carrie about EJ and Sami.
    Ian reveals some extremely surprising information to Kate about her company.
    Will is seriously considering coming out to Sonny.
    Austin and Carrie attempt a romantic getaway.
    Bryan Dattilo returns as Lucas.
    Daniel returns to Salem and gives Nicole shocking news.
    John and Hope have a surprise visitor in Alamainia.
    Lucas returns to Salem.
    Abigail uses Melanie to sabotage Austin and Carrie.

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