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    cast of characters:: Marlena, Jack, war vets, Madison, Melanie, Quinn, Abbie, John, Brady

    Today we had Jack entering the scary world of group therapy. Jack joins Marlena’s already formed group therapy for war vets. The vets are having various troubles rejoining life outside the military. Their experiences in the war and ages vary. Some seem quite open and friendly. Others seem closed down and defensive when they find out Jack is a member of the press.
    They feel like the press got it all wrong. (like most of what was said, the statement was not developed. I personally came out of these scenes with nothing that I didn’t take into them. I applaud Days for this kind of story and hope they do delve deeper, but these scenes seemed somewhat undeveloped and surface.). The most elloquent of the group, a lady that is missing a leg and is partially blind, told how she has trouble reintegrating back into american society and that she remembers how lost and dejected the people of Bosnia where she served. Other people spoke of not being able to converse with people here about the things that they saw and experienced. Finally Jack tells his story about being kidnapped and stuck in a cave. His story about being kidnapped and held for a year in that cave touched everyone. He talked about making marks on the cave wall. Keeping up with the date seemed to help him stay present and sane. He spoke a little about being tortured and that his friend was removed and murdered one day. He also said that a huge chunk of him is not here in Salem but rather back in that cave he was in in Afganistan. At the end of the session everyone gave him a hug and welcomed him to the group. I hope they continue with this and flesh out the stories.

    In the mean time Madison (I am begining to think she is not in town to start a business because she is not that good at it) wants to hire Abbie and Melanie to be the fresh faces of Madworld as friends. Because boys and girls is so yesterday (yeah sex doesn’t sell anymore). She tells Quinn also wants to put her product in the spa and help take the spa national. But first Abbie and Melanie have to make up because they have to really be friends for this to work (huh? you mean all those people in commercials are really family? the men and women in the sex scenes are really lovers? I had this all wrong I guess, I thought they were acting!)
    They talk about their friendship and kinda bury the hatchet except for whatever reason Abbie is still upset because Mel has feelings for Chad (not that she is acting on them. Just that she has them. A real friend apparently has total control on how they feel!) Anyway I think these two want to be models badly enough to eat barbed wire. So I am sure Chad won’t stop them.

    And finally John and Brady. I do not even have a clue what they were fighting about. It is like the bad old days of the internet site with the teens. If you are gonna have people argue over business, please give them something to fight about! Anyway John made the observation that Brady was being stubborn and mule headed, just the same as his ole man. Words like deal breaker were thrown in for autheniticity. I have no sense about what the scene was about. Much like the whole day in fact. It was kinda like a teenager writing about things he or she knows nothing of.
    Writers do your homework if you are gonna broach topics that you do not know about. Atleast enough to fool the average joe. Do a mock up of a business plan. Go out and sit in on some actual group therapys. Read a book by someone who has post traumatic destress syndrome. Talk to an ad exec….


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    @soapArmageddon that’s so true about Madison. She should be Salem’s answer to Amanda Woodward, not some lovesick ninny. And Brady hasn’t been relevant since EM came on in the role. I never liked the whole “Brady is a drug addict” twist and he just doesn’t gel with me as a viewer.

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    akbad806, you’ve just made me correct myself. Instead of being a woman with no time for romance, she really should be more like Melrose Place’e Amanda, an ambitious woman who uses men and throws them away like Kleenex.

    Sarah Brown would KILL in this type of role.

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    Whatever Madison is or isn’t I just wish they would move it towards something. It seems like they just throw things at it to see what sticks. Last week she was going to seek out the older cosmetic customer. This week she is after the younger market, which she had already handed over to countess W last week.
    As far as Brady goes, he is like the twin/cousin of Phillip. You could plug either one of them into eachothers story and not even notice a difference. Personally, I wish Brady were either snow white good or evil. This hopping on the line of good and evil just makes him look wishy washy.
    I thought he handled that badboy stuff rather well. I especially liked when he was tormenting poor Aunt Viv. I also kinda got into his vodka swirling self. It atleast gave him a pov and an edge.

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