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    Well, here we go EP, new direction, and probably we will see writer changes. Greg Meng is in-charge and honestly he hasn’t done a good job with changes after changes since Sept. New characters arriving one which will revolve around Lexie and give her a sibling on Celeste’s side, which could be OK.
    OK, whom will lucky lady? UPDATED: It’s going to be Abby. Or another new character added once again. Let us hope Days don’t expect viewers to sit through yet another changes now having a mini-reboot of Days 3.0, because this is getting silly.

    Quinn is out he announced from Twitter:
    “no i’m no longer with Days. My career path has moved in a different direction and has me extremely busy”
    It was followed about this new character.
    “Meanwhile, Schuyler Yancey has joined the cast of Dr. Cameron Davis, Celeste’s son. Cameron was raised by his father away from Celeste.”

    UPDATED He’s hot! Here’s a video link he talks about his story with Abby. This could be the next super couple, strong actors and hotness coming from both!


    He has the 3 R’s down pat Reading, Writing and Arithmetic down pat. He ain’t no illiterate thief nor is he a crack baby or trying to become the next Dr. Dre. He’s the new doctor in town.

    So you know I am all for diversity. Champion it. And this does a soap good. Kudos to Days.

    Now as for Quinn…Quinn who?

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    Celeste having a son is fantastic news. Go on ahead, DAYS! But the sudden kid thing is a sign of “Passions”-lite with Lisa de Cazotte taking over as EP and I’m scared. The election, Daniel’s illness, and Will’s coming out are going to washed away. Just you watch…

    Remember, Lisa de Cazotte learned at Paul Rauch’s knee.

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    There is a rule in daytime that is nearly fullproof. When someone owns the spot where everyone hangs out at, it means you get no storyline. They don’t know what to do with you so you become host to everyone elses story.
    So Quinn was doomed from the start and I am not even sure why he was brought back to begin with. (Next is Sonny with his new cafe.).
    Examples Aunt Maggie is the owner of Che Rougue and she was backburned for almost day one.
    Chris Kosichek bought Wings the nightclub. He floundered in low priority relationships until he was off the show.
    Trish Clayton, once daytimes young heroine and popular chantruese. Then bought her own nightclub and poured alcohol for years till Y&R hired her to pour coffee.
    Anyway, a new doctor sounds good. Who’s the daddy?

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    We barely get to see enough of Sonny or his parents as it is. :(

    But there is hope that Will and Sonny are going to wind up together and Lord knows Will looks like a character that is never going to run out of story. So we might be seeing a lot more Sonny too.

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