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    Here Days fans found these spoilers for 2012 wanted to post and share…looking very GOOD :)

    There will be a lot of explosions in the new year in Salem,” previews Head Writer Marlene Mcpherson about the stories that she and Head Writer Darrell Ray Thomas, Jr. launch in 2012.” A lot of the seeds that we planted in September are going to burst through the ground. There will be payoffs to stories that we started in the fall.”

    Lucas: “Bryan Dattilo’s return as Lucas involves Sami. She is going to his an extremely low point in her life. I think so many of Sami’s actions are going to catch up to her. It spins out of control and Sami reaches for the one person she knows will help her. That person is Lucas.”

    Billie: “What’s really great about having Lisa Rinna back as Billie is that we have both the original Billie and Austin (Patrick Muldoon). They have this bond as brother and sister. Austin was always looking out for Billie. He tried to protect her after everything that she had gone through. Now, it will be kind of reversed. Austin is going to find himself in a situation where things aren’t so good for him. Billie is the one who sort of calls him back to reality.”

    Sami/Rafe/Nicole/EJ: “When you try to keep something a secret the way that Sami and EJ are doing, those secrets never stay secret too long. There is a big story coming up for Nicole. EJ finally does win Nicole. It’s huge for Nicole to recommit to EJ, because she has been hurt by him so many times. So when Nicole finally gets in, she’s in for the real deal. Things are going to get a little tricky.”

    Will: “Will is going to have a big progression. He’ll make a turn that people are not expecting. It has nothing to do with his sexuality. The turn that Will is going to make is a big change in his character.”

    John/Marlena: “John and Marlena will now have to start from the beginning. John has lost everything. He has to build the company from scratch. He’ll get the help from someone that maybe we’re not expecting.”

    Bo/Hope: “Bo and Hope are going through therapy so that they can try to put their grief (about Zack) in the proper place. Their therapy will be an ongoing thing that we will see little bits of from time to time. This couple has been through a lot, and they have to come to terms with where are they now so that this can never happen to them again.”

    Carrie/Rafe: “There is a big chemistry that is happening between the two of the,. It will only grow as they work together every day.”

    Sami/Kate: “Instead of Sami and Kate being rivals and adversaries, as they always have been, they’re going to have to team up together. It’s going to get interesting. Things may not be what they seem.”

    Abigail/Austin: “Abby is a girl who hasn’t had her father, Jack, around for certain sections of her life. I think having an older man who pays attention to her and is really interested in talking to her is so new to Abby. She’s so swept away by it that she really does find herself falling in love with him.”

    Jennifer/Jack: “Jennifer and Jack are still in a place where I’m not sure they’re ready to be back together again. Maybe one of them is ready, but the other one is not sure it’s right.”

    Melanie/Chad: “This is a very difficult situation for Melanie. She really wants to hold back because of Abby, her best friend. Abby sees them together and she thinks that they have been doing this behind her back. It really puts a strain on Melanie and Abigail’s friendship. Melanie will be faced with having to choose between her friend and a relationship.”

    Ian: Ian Buchanan will join the show as Ian, “who already has some connections to characters on the canvas. There are going to be some huge reveals with him down the road that I don’t think people will expect.”


    The only thing missing was Abe and Lexie. Ain’t nothing going on in the Carver home? Other then that it looks good.

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    @David, when I read it I wondered the same thing, which they could be laying the ground work for Abe & Lexie to come later in spring, I HOPE so, I believe the writers will do something for the Carvers because they could be making changes to drive them stories such slightly age Theo etc. But it does look GOOOD…… :)


    Yes I agree. I am hoping that is what they were doing. We want Alexandra Dimera back! Lexie Carver can take a break for a while…lol

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    I’m not really impressed. It’s all the same old shit repackaged. I’d like to see something new.

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    Days’ ratings are not going to be brought up by any of this, I don’t think. The show also needs some controversial stuff to get people talking and some big, high drama moments that will attract newly homeless OLTL viewers.

    Because Days is the only soap left that I feel a strong sense of loyalty to, I will definitely be watching, but I doubt many other people will.

    I’m usually positive about Days, but I’m beginning to tire of the Horton Square set. It’s already starting to feel over-used, and Sami’s wedding being held there was rather laughable. There still is a lot more that can be done before this reboot can be pronounced an unqualified success.

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    [quote=SoapArmageddon]Days’ ratings are not going to be brought up by any of this, I don’t think. The show also needs some controversial stuff to get people talking and some big, high drama moments that will attract newly homeless OLTL viewers. There still is a lot more that can be done before this reboot can be pronounced an unqualified success.[/quote]

    I agree with you on what you stated. I’m tiring myself of the “Horton Square”. Don’t get wrong it’s beautiful set but come on it’s supposedly outside then up the production with some fans (for wind) leaves on ground, remnants of snow etc…you get my drift. My biggest gripe is then dress your cast in winter clothing if outside (all soaps are guilty, not just Days). Personally, I’m enjoying Days but there needs some tweaks as you stated, but lets be serious they literally threw out the baby along with the bath water on this reboot. I understand this will take some time to have all the stories and new stories coming up to gel and I do have patience. The ratings is all over the place and I don’t feel Days is getting a fair shake YET…now by May and things are the same well something does need to change. Days needs to do a big casting from OLTL as recast character to bring on canvas…can anyone say ES. She would draw. I feel things are still being laid out is why the ratings are very inconsistent right now.

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    I am enjoying all of these story lines that Days is doing. I am tethered to the show every time Chandler and Dee are in a scene together. They need more of that. Those two really bring out the best in eachothers acting. Happy to hear that Bo and Hope are going into therapy. They need to. Generally all the stories that they are focusing in on are the right ones. I think pacing is a problem. And finding the dramatic moments have been an issue. The Chad and Abby story needs to wrap up before the actors fall asleep. Move on already. You are both interested in other things. Madison and Brady have some chemitry but the makeup game may not exactly be the genre to push that forward. I could see these two with a little more mystery and maybe some zippier dialog. A little bit of danger and intrigue would be nice.

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    Totally agree with you Mark. Chandler Massey is really turning out to be a fine young actor. The pain in his eyes when he is talking to Marlena is so evident. He did a great job playing the scene in the pub yesterday with Sonny and his friend. You could almost see the acceptance going through his brain at that moment. They need to keep him in the forefront in the coming months.

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    Friday’s episode was really good and I finally got my wish with Chad and Abby! LOL the characters were just as bored with the pairing as everyone else was! I thought it was great that Chad went to Horton square and laid one on Melanie!That was an electric moment. The whole young story is working now that the internet is off the table. When Will ran off from the boys (and Melanie) to escape that part of his secret, you could just see the torture he is going through. Poor Mel, just standing there saying “I can’t be alone at New Years!” Other scenes that were great were the Bo and Hope moment where they decided to go into therapy. The writers need to stop the Doug and Julie duets though. Doug was the singer not Julie. Plus that song they picked out for them to sing sounded like some sort of cruise ship vegas song. Basically terrible and I would rather Doug and Julie to be used in a better way. Madison and Brady need to move forward though. Although it is a nice pairing, there is no teeth in it. Maybe a few skeletons from her closet could help out..
    Rafe and Carrie and Austin and Sami playing Pictionary? Really? Are they 8? Sami was on death row once….. Rafe a former fbi agent. Carrie and Austin have spent the last several years in Europe traveling and the best New Years thing they could come up with is Pictionary….. Atleast Rafe and Sami had sex on the sofa later…. what is it with Sami and sofa’s?
    But the icing on the cake and the big moment was when Will told Marlena one of his big secrets. WOW what a moment! (now Will needs go get back to the Horton Square and get his dance that was promised him lol!)

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    [quote=marknsprmo] The writers need to stop the Doug and Julie duets though. Doug was the singer not Julie. Plus that song they picked out for them to sing sounded like some sort of cruise ship vegas song. Basically terrible and I would rather Doug and Julie to be used in a better way. [/quote]

    I agree the episode was good over all, but LMAO at your comment about D&J, they do need to stop. Concerning Brady & Madison I think it’s starting to happen with IB coming aboard. Will & Marlena scenes and the terrified look in Marlena’s eyes were priceless. I loved the scenes with Sonny & his friend and Will’s edginess, not wanting to feel those emotions he was feeling in his demeanor was spot on and conveyed everything in his manner. Loved Bope talking and not truly getting over the grief and the effects, nice to see that addressed, just a calm but emotionally packed scene. Loved me Ejole can’t get enough of those two on my screen I could watch those two 5 days a week, I didn’t mind that C&A, S&R was spending time together and even playing Pictionary but amp it up some and maybe Carrie had to much to drink and innocently flirted with Rafe, catching Rafe off guard, setting up the attraction toward each other for the new year. I know I will be fried from Marlena & John’s fans but I would like to see the chemistry between DH & IB (when arrives)to spice it up and maybe even catch Marlena off guard. Those two wonderful actors and age appropriate just might sizzle…just a thought. Being newer to Days, I see now what some are saying about DH, he’s not exactly a Robert Redford quality is he in the acting department. I can’t stand when he speaks, I hate his voice. I will say I enjoyed his scenes with Stefano simply because Joseph Mascolo always enjoy him.

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    Friday’s episode of DAYS was top notch. Well done, scribes! I loved Abby and Chad ending things in such a realistic manner. Then him kissing Melanie at Horton Square at midnight totally changed my mind about this couple. More Melhad in 2012!!!!

    I can’t stand EJ and Nicole, but I guess the show needs antagonists so I stomach them. Higley messed them up beyond repair in my opinion. However, the look EJ gave Will and his friends gave me goosebumps. He knew at that moment Will is gay. Also, the flirting with that guy and Will was fire. FIYAH!!!! I love all things Will Horton right now.

    Even Bo and Hope got me with their decision to go to therapy. Kristian Alfonso plays a wounded heroine well surprisingly so this is a good arc for her. I’m done with the couple’s adventures for a while, let them chill and deal with Zach’s death.

    John revealing to Marlena that they are broke reminded me of how real DAYS is written under this regime. When is the last time people worried about money in Salem?!? I love it…the haves (Dimeras, Kirakises, Hortons) and the have nots (Brady’s, Hernandez clan, John and Marlena) Classic soap opera…

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    akbad806 I agree completely about Bo and Hope (well really about your entire comments) I think it is great that the writers are letting something that happened to these characters matter this much. So often on soaps, something life shattering happens with little to no long term fallout. Peter and Kristen laid it all out there during the Zack story and it is great that their characters were so affected by his death that even all this time later, they are still at a loss. It is real and realistic and a great way to honor the shows history, draw the audience closer to these two AND even help people who are in mourning and may need the help dealing with their own losses. To me this is something that soaps always did (help people think about or even talk about sensitive subjects).
    Marlena needs to fill up her patient list. That will get some revenue in while John is figuring out how to build his company again (HELLO Kiriakis money?)
    Maybe John should start a security company. He could get Bo and Hope to quit that completely useless SPD and actually solve some cases as well as body guard work etc. Maybe that bratty son of his can cough up some starter money….. He has to be a gajillionaire with all the different trust funds he must have.

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