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    Monday (“Another Clue”)
    John and Marlena’s celebration is cut short; Sami’s guilt gets the best of her.

    Tuesday (“EJ Changes His Mind About John”)
    Quinn tries to distract Daniel; Jack seizes an opportunity to spend time with Jennifer.

    Wednesday (“A Business Opportunity”)
    Rafe and Carrie consider an intriguing business opportunity; Stefano’s plan for John falls apart.

    SOW Spoilers
    Marlena and John receive distressing financial news
    Sami makes a decision regarding her career.
    Bo and Hope share their pain over missing Zack

    Best be a short week.


    Can John and Marlena end up in poverty? Boy I want to see them suffer so much. I don’t why. But the thought just makes me smile.

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    LOL.. :D It’s Christmas..all Marlena wants for Christmas is cha-cha-cha boots.

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    @David. I think you been hanging out with the Dimera’s too much! Your a mean one Mr Grinch lol!
    I am for any story that will give them something to do that doesn’t involve panthers, new identities, microchips in brains, prisons. If we do a sci fi story though I want Eugene Bradford to create a time machine and John go back to 1981 and try to kill Stefano when he first arrives in Salem. They could insert him into old scenes from the time and we could kind of relive some of Days finest history. I can just imagine John hiding behind potted plants at Doug’s Place on the Lake. Or using the tunnel to get into the Dimera Mansion. Anyway….

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    Boring! John and Marlena need a better story—I like stories that involve Stefano brainwashing John and kidnapping Marlena. Please, more of that!

    And hey, new writers, how about showing some love for the Carrie/Austin fans?! Carrie and Austin are the only reason I’m back watching this stupid show! I quit Days when they were fired in 2006, and I will leave again if you break them up.


    @marknsprmo: Yes I am just a mean one. But this has been a good week. I like the way things are shaping up. There was a lot of love this week and I’m glad that Abe agreed to do what it takes to take down EJ. He needed to stop being Mr. Nice guy.

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    Just playing around David. What Abe needs to do is have Sami be interviewed about EJ. I imagine once people find out that he basically raped her, kidnapped her child and told her it was dead, that he might have a few less people wanting to vote for him. Surely out there there is evidence of EJ and the Dimera’s evil deeds.

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    This is going to get messy, Abe & EJ’s campaign. Yes David this week was full of love ;) Coming from all kinds of potential couples and excellent setup for new fun triangles. Maybe we are going to see a different side of Abe after all these years. Abe’s personality is making a slight change. I welcome it! It shows Abe has learned a thing or two over the years and not being used as a doormat. Showing Abe stronger and more assertive, Lexie could find it sexy. Madison & Brady & EJ & Nicole was steamy hot love scenes…ache :*


    @marknsprmo & Harlee: You know Lexie is famous for leaking information. She leaded Hope’s past with John to the tabloids. So that would be good for Jennifer and Abe to leak his past. The rape leak would also be a great way to tie in what recently happened to between EJ and Sami. How would she react to this. But yeah I want to see Abe’s dark side come out (beyond his skin color…lol).

    They need to run a negative TV ad on EJ and the Dimera’s. Lexie would be conflicted.

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