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    The Tuesday, April 17th episode was so good!

    Loved the shocker that Sami is now running Countess W, which of course, pissed Kate off to no end and Sami was enjoying every minute of it! I was so not expecting Stefano to put Sami in charge of CW. That was a big surprise! Even better was when Stefano took Hearth and Home away from Lucas as well. So, Lucas, Kate and now Billie are all without jobs. But we know that Billie is looking for evidence to put Stefano behind bars. And we all know that it will soon be revealed that EJ is not Stefano’s son. That was what was in that letter that Mrs. Horton had over Stefano?! Now, I’m going to be very intrigued as to who his biological father is. Any guesses (and please, have some good ones)!? My first guess would be that Abe is EJ’s father, or perhaps, Ian McAllister! Now, that would rankle Stefano big time! After that, it’s really up in the air!

    Very happy that Bo is out of his coma and reunited with Hope. Course, she’s going to have to tell him the bad news that she and John are still legally married.

    With Renee Jones (Lexie) departing the show here soon, the emotions of losing her are already getting to me. I loved the scenes between EJ and Sami when EJ told her her about Lexie’s brain tumor. That scene between Alison Sweeney (Sami) and James Scott (EJ) was so heartbreaking that I started crying (yes, I get very emotional during these type of scenes). The emotions, tears will all come like a flood the closer to the date we get to when Lexie dies from her brain tumor. I wonder how the writer’s are going to have Abe and Lexie tell Theo that he will lose his Mother. She gave Days 20 years of her life and I completely understand if she wants to leave and head back to the south where she’s from to spend more time there with her family. She will be greatly missed. I’m NOT looking forward to her death scenes either.

    The potential storyline between Cameron and Abby…………………….I’m not entirely sold on it yet. It’s going to take some time for me to warm up to them as a couple.

    I look forward to seeing all of the comments!

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