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    Thinking back to the past. Let’s say the early 90’s. What if Daphnée Duplaix Samuel (ex-Rachel, OLTL; ex-Valerie, Passions) was cast as either Wendy Reardon the character from the 90’s whom had a short-term relationship with Jonah, Abe’s brother. Since Daphnée can play a sinner and a saint very well she could work for this role.

    As Wendy she could come to work for Abe in the Mayor’s office as has his press secretary and develop feelings for him. And if we follow my idea of Abe’s job being explored where he is seeking re-election and needs to prove that he is tough on crime and win an age old vendetta to bring down the Dimera’s this would put Wendy in the perfect position to be Abe’s supporter while he and Lexie began to fight over his need to destroy her father for political reasons and personal grudges. We would then set the course on splitting Abe and Lexie apart over Abe’s re-election bid and whether his need to defend Salemite’s is worth what the cost may be.

    I could see Renee Jones as Lexie doing her shining acting having arguments with Abe saying things like:

    INT: Mayor’s Office:

    Lexie: (Gets up in his face.) Oh patron saint Abe! Never does anything wrong! If you were so concerned about your constituents then why didn’t you take my father down when you had the chance as commissioner!?!

    Abe: Because your father knows how to get himself out of a jam. Like when he stole Bo and Hope’s baby and set you up for the fall.

    Lexie: (Walks over and sits on the edge of Abe’s desk.) And yet you could forgive your son Brandon for sleeping with me.

    Abe: Don’t forget Tek and almost my brother Jonah.

    Lexie: (stands up and moves closer toward Abe.) Yes, Abe you forgave me. (Looks down at the floor.) And I’m thankful of that. (Looks back up at Abe.) Just as I am thankful that god brought Theo into our lives. But you can’t seem to find any forgiveness in your heart for my father.

    (Abe laughs in disbelief.)

    Lexie: (Upset.) Damn you ABE! (Pleading.) Can’t you at least think of what this will do to me, your wife! Or what it will do to our son to loose the only grandfather he knows.

    Abe: I’ll be doing our son and the citizens of Salem a good thing by getting rid of the Dimera vermin. You’ll come to understand it.

    Lexie: (Turns away in thought.) Will I Abe? (Turns back to him.) Will I be able to wake up next to you every day and realize it was because of you that I lost my father! That you sent my brother to prison. Or better yet that you gave the trigger happy Dimera hating Bo Brady the go ahead to take ‘um out dead or alive! And we both know how much joy he would get out that. (Mocking) And so he would get a medal of honor and you would win re-election and all is just peachy cherry in City Hall.

    (Abe turns away from Lexie sighing frustration.)

    Lexie: Ain’t all that easy is it Abe. (Lexie walks toward him.) Doing what you think is right and not thinking about the consequences of your actions.

    (Meanwhile, outside Abe’s office Wendy approaches the door with a file and turns to open it. She cracks it but stops as she sees Abe and Lexie in a heated discussion. She peaks in while eavesdropping on their conversation.)

    Abe: (Turns back to Lexie.) You know you can take this how ever you want Lex, but i’m going to do what’s right for Salem and for our son.

    Lexie: (Clasp her hands together while looking at them and then looks Abe directly in the eyes.) If you are determine to defy my wishes to lay off my family… Then I’m going to be forced to have to protect them.

    Abe: (Concerned.) And just what are you gonna do?

    Lexie: (Turns away with a cunning smirk.) Wouldn’t you like to know Abe. (Turns her head toward him.) Wouldn’t you like to know…

    (Lexie grabs her coat and purse and heads toward the door to exit as Wendy rushes back to her desk. After Lexie is out of sight Wendy heads back to Abe’s office whom is now seated at his desk head in his hands.)

    Wendy: Abe, are you okay?

    That is just a sampling of how I could see things moving along in my storyline idea.

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    I liked Wendy and Jonah, and I loved Daphnee as Vincent on Passions. I could get behind this casting but I think there is more potential in casting Lexie’s “sister”/cousin Grace Brooks. Daphnee could work in that role–I don’t remember if it’s ever been stated if she’s older or younger than Lexie, but she’s never appeared on screen so they could get away with it no matter what.

    I always wanted Benji DiMera to turn out to be the father of Wendy’s son Ben. P.S. Why has Days forgotten that Stefano has a grandson (Steven) through Benji?

    All I want is for some hot young thing to come between Abe and Lexie and bring out her evil Alexandra DiMera side! Lexie should be the black Kristen Blake.


    For Lexie to become evil she needs someone or something to protect that becomes direct conflict between she and Abe. History shows she when protected Jonah when he was the Pacifier and when she kept the secret that Baby Issac was was really Bo and Hope’s baby that she has been placed in situations that turn her against Abe. The last one being her Dimera side.

    Focusing on the conflict between her Good and Bad sides shows Renee’s greatest work and makes Lexie more interesting. Having an Affair is good and all, but it must come from the need to protect someone or something that would conflict with Abe’s worldview.

    Also when you look at the potential behind Abe’s Re-election campaign and all the political issues he needs to prove that he is still the right man for the job then having him go after Dimera’s mirrors the fact that in real life President Obama has faces some tough issues in his own real presidency.

    I’m reading those newspapers like Agnes and Bill did and drew that from there.

    You see this places an actually conflict that goes with the history of the show and puts Lexie right in the middle of a story where she has to choose between being a Carver or a Dimera. And if Abe can bring down the Dimera’s then this would do to him what bringing down Osama did for Obama.

    So I say making crime one of the top two political issues and the Dimera’s being the center of the issue of crime being the thing that drives the storyline and is used to slowly build a wedge between Abe and Lexie.

    I’m looking at it from a character-driven point of view. Just having someone come in and sleep with Lexie would be more plot driven. But the way we can add that in since it is essentially what needs to happen on either end. Would be having Lexie driven to defend her father and brother from Abe’s personal vendetta and political attacks, that that was essentially the way that someone like say Jonah or a newbie African American male character was able to be written in as the only one outside of Stefano and EJ who got what Lexie was going through and supported her. This would please Stefano.

    In fact Stefano could (if we want to go for the gold) end up being the one behind bringing Wendy to town and secretly helping her get her job with Abe for a favor in the future. This would allow him to try and destroy Abe by having him get caught up in with her. But finding out that Wendy has already grown feelings for Abe so it would be an easy task to convince her to take him away from Lexie.

    Now that way we can build a long term storyline for the Carvers that intertwines them with the Dimera’s and the Brady’s.

    That is just more to add…

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