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    In this interview from April 30th on Soap Central, currently AMC legends and former Y&R stars Debbie Morgan and Darnell Williams discussed why their roles on Y&R didn’t work out.

    Here is an excerpt from that piece:

    Morgan says Angie and Jesse have been married longer than she has been married to any of her four real-life husbands.

    Says Williams, “Part of the chemistry is because we were and are good friends.”

    Williams recalls the scripts that he was given in the early years. “There were not any [people] of color writing the show. There still aren’t any,” he interjects. “I remember in one scene I had to say ‘jive Turkey.’ That’s when I went to the producer and said, ‘No one says that in real life.’ They looked for me to help with the language. I was living in Brooklyn at the time. I would hang out in the streets to get the feel for urban talk.”

    After AMC was canceled, Morgan and Williams found themselves working on The Young and the Restless. “We did not want to be teamed up on the show. You can’t do that. Jesse and Angie are All My Children. Our characters, Sarge and Harmony, were never meant to have a romance.”

    As for working on Y&R, Morgan says it did not work for several reasons. “You need this chemistry. Kristoff and I did not have a chemistry that transcended on the screen. Fans would be very upset with me because they did not like how Harmony was behaving. I don’t think they realized sometimes I felt that way too. I am an actor and perform what the writers give me.”

    As for the lack of black writers on soaps, Williams feels it really is an old boys club. “The door really needs to swing open a bit more.”

    Both actors know the power of the soap writer. Morgan wonders why most writers never ask the actors about what was going on with their character before the writers joined the show. “When you have actors who have played characters for more than two decades, you would think they would want to talk to us. We know the background. I am not the type of actress who would be in the producer’s office every day, but sometimes it would be nice to feel that you are welcome.” Morgan says there is a major difference with the writing staff on the All My Children online reboot: “The writers are on the set every day. For years, I never saw any writers. I would see a name on a script, but that meant nothing to me.”

    Without naming names, Morgan and Williams know that time and again, people who did not know how to write the soap would be fired only to be re-hired. “At times the show was being run into the ground. That writer would be gone. A year later, they would be back,”

    Williams again credits this “to that old boys club.” Morgan adds, “We were on the set. The people upstairs did not seem to understand or care about the fallout.”

    Morgan recalls a storyline that really had her shaking her head. “Angie’s dad loved her. His life was all about protecting Angie. He was against Angie and Jesse being together because he did not think he was right for his little girl. They bring on Antonio Fargas to play my dad. Now my dad was a criminal who stole Angie’s baby. It made no sense.”

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