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    I CAN NOT stand Deidre Hall. She is such a fake. It comes through in her acting too. What is with her always smiling? She should be angry, she smiles. They tell her someone died, she smiles. I celebrated when they sent John & Marlena away. Don’t get me started on Drake’s acting. That eyebrow arched up. The only time I remotely liked him was when he was evil. Their coming back,and Jack and Austin has almost made me stop watching. That is not easy. I have watched faithfully for over 35 years!I have been through all of the ups and downs with the writing. Also now they are bring back Billie. Please God no! If they bring her back to come between Hope & Beau, I will stop watching. They just did that with Carly. Poor Crystal, they gave her no real interesting story while she was there. They missed a great one by not having her and Quinn fall in love. Can you imagine Vivian’s reaction? That would have been a story. I wish they hadn’t made Daniel, Maggie’s son. Please get rid of him! Not Melanie though. I maybe one of the few that likes Molly Burnett. She has grown so much. I love the bond between her & Maggie. Dialogue is better now, but the stories are boring. I am already getting tired of the fake looking Horton Square. What’s up with that fake tree? I have seen scenes from other soaps and there sets look amazing. Someone needs to tell the set designers that the early 90’s called and want the sets of Victor’s & Stefano’s home back. You have all of this money and you live in those awful homes. Ok,I will stop for now.

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    You ain’t never lied. From an acting standpoint Renee Jones, Suzanne Rogers Melissa Reeves are better then all them other heifers on show current. Zucker and Sweeney are decent too. But Dierdre has never been an Emmy worthy actress. She’s just always been okay.

    I put her Kristian Alfonso, Susan Lucci and Melody Thomas Scott in that same acting category. Just okay.

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    I think Zucker is great. The way they write her character to me is the problem. Sweeney is horrible with crying scenes. Couldn’t shed a tear to save her life. She’s ok at best. I would be ok with them sending Sami away for a while. Alfonso has her moments. I think she has played the character so long that she doesn’t always put her all into it. Jones, Reeves and Rogers are great. I wish that they would grow Jennifer some. I feel like she hasn’t changed at all. I don’t think that there is any male on the show right now that I would pair her up with. Jack is old news and Daniel is a co-dependant whore. Please just get rid of them both.
    I agree with you on Lucci & M.T.Scott. Melody has had so much work done that she can’t show expressions anymore.

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