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    I seem to have lost a couple of days of Days lol. Anyway, I wrote them and deleted them without posting them.
    To catch up quickly, Will has not been on screen all week and I think he has been kidnapped by the gay mafia and we may never hear from him again. He goes to his first gay party and woops he does a Don Craig (dissappeared without notice in the 1980s when he went to the mailbox and never came back). Oh I am sure he will be back when the new administration figures out how to make him not gay. Because that I am seriously worried about the show that has been most entertaining for months now.
    Ok it starts out on Wed. the black gloved hand appears (that means someone new and ominous has entered Salem. This black glove has been a staple albeit tired one for oh about 30 years now. THANK GOD Ian only had the glove on Wed. That could have gone on for weeks!) All day long on Wed Madison was on pins and needles. Everytime the phone rang or a knock on the door, she nearly jumps out of her skin. Mosly it was Brady fooling around. Brady brings her flowers, compliments her dress, and generally is amorous. (EJ is over at the manse doing the same thing to Nicole today in what was a huge waste of talent for their non story today). He takes her to dinner (where else but the Horton square on the tenth of Feb. outside ofcourse). He proposes. EJ and Nicole observe and bogart most of the screen time because Nicole is not happy that Brady is proposing. It appears that Madison has accepted but she has not. After EJ and Nicole leave, we find out that Madison wants to think it over. We get to her hotel room and she kisses Brady goodnight and goes in. Inside for the first time, we meet Ian.
    Over the last two days, we find out that A) Austin is a pretty open minded person. He is accepting of his wife’s feelings for another man. He just doesn’t want her to act on them. (Well he did go out and get drunk and then start macking on a girl less than half his age). After he wakes up the next morning from the drunken evening he goes to make ammends with his wife. He says he wants to focus in on their marriage again. I think though that Abigail has other ideas. Not only did she lead him to believe they slept together but she has nearly gotten to Neman Marcus to register for their wedding.
    Sami out of pure self hatred and loathing and not wanting to face her own sins, throws out Rafe after she berates on him some (she is gonna miss that whiping post).
    Carrie and Marlena have a lovely conversation about Carrie’s marriage and her feelings for Rafe. Marlena warns her to think hard and long about those feelings before she acts on them. (This conversation was one of the highlights of the week.)
    OH MY GOD ONE OF THE ENVELOPES have been OPENED. Ofcourse it is John and Hope’s marriage certificate. (when could they have possibly gotten married in Alemania I am not exactly sure. According to Stefano, it was very shortly before he married Marlena that one time….. and then consumated his relationship with Princess/jeweltheif Gina on the boat).
    Well ofcourse the next several days is spent with John, Marlena, Bo and Hope. They can’t figure out the angle that Stefano is playing because this seems like such an easy fix. And ofcourse they have to head over to Dimera mansion and line up to tell Stefano off. Well just to add to the thrill Kate is there to be on Stefano’s side although why anyone needs to even the balance between him and them is beyond me!. Ofcourse they get NOWHERE with the whole thing. ( I am begining to believe that several of the shows stories are being revamped and toyed with now that there is a new producer. Because I am seeing alot of wheel spinning and repetitious dialog. Where are my conversations between two people who wouldn’t normally talk to eachother? Or the sharp dialog? The sweet remeniscing? Everything seems to be all plot oriented again).
    One thing I am finding compelling still yet is WHAT is in the envelope that Stefano has? Stefano seems truly worried about what is inside. He has been moping around his mausoleum for days now.I actuallly am hoping that it is more game chaniging than that insipid revue of a story that we all know how it will end up. Like John said, it will be a good excuse for a flashy wedding (that they can not afford). Other than that I do not see this story having any teeth.

    The last three episodes have suffered from repetative dialog, Less than entertaining situations. Less of the layering that I have come to expect. For instance, how cool would it have been had someone just did a run through of all of Sami and Carries big run ins and why it takes Sami right back to Jr High that Carrie was kissing Rafe? Isn’t anyone having deja Vue of the last time Carrie and Austin were in town and it was Carrie/Lucas/Sami/Austin quadangle?

    I can see that Ian’s entrance into Salem is something new and big. He is apparently the NEXT older male Villain to make an entrance into this small town. I question with Vic and Stef around why we need a third one. These two we love and adore. They are the two that have stuck all these years.
    List of older villains:
    Kellum Chandler (brother of Liz Chandler, stalker of Marlena)
    Alex Marshall (general bad guy, father of Marie Horton’s daughter Jessica_
    Stuart Wyland (son Evan was thought to have fathered Maggie’s daughter Sarah)
    Ernesto Toscano (Isabella’s father, Brady’s grandfather)
    Victor Kiriakis
    Stefano Dimera
    Harper Deveraux (Jack’s adopted father)
    Trent Robbins (the Evil math teacher Max’s father, Melanie’s adopted father)
    Martino Vitali (Joe Penny in a painfully short but memorable role of Ava’s father)
    (hope I remembered everyone!)

    I kinda expected more than a one black glove sighting and then just showing up in Madison’s hotel room. One of my favorite scenes of the intro of a villain was Vivian Allamain. She came in guns blazing. It was over the top and set the tone for her character. I wish someone had put that much thought into introducing Ian!

    I know this sounds like a bad mood revue but I do want someone to explain to me WHEN John and Gina (Hope) were lovers. I can not quite pinpoint when they might have accoplished this thing of being art theives and lovers and then married.

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    Boy are you right, Mark! The dialogue has been repetitiveness in nature the last few days, I noticed the conversations aren’t happening but redux of story slowly creeping in…this is depressing. I think we will see more changes coming from the new EP…gag me. I think Ken jumped the shark.

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    I’m deeply disappointed with how the show has gone this week, especially after the fireworks of last week. I’m not sure hiring this new producer from Passions was a good idea. Why do soaps keep hiring people from cancelled shows? In the real world, a failure to perform in a prior job counts as a blot on a person’s résumé, not an asset.


    @SoapArmageddon: Because their award winning headwriter Sally Sussman Morina said she was never coming back and Lorraine Brodrick (who once took the helm of the show briefly) left due to all the heavy handed machinations from Gary Tomlin and co.

    So the gold standard writers have said hell to the naw they ain’t never coming back!

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