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    I was thinking the other day on how the impact with all the new faces in Genoa City of characters…it’s astonishing!!! :O

    Phyllis, Billy, Adam, Kelly, in the past month either appearing or announced. Just naming a few which I’m sure other posters could name more instances. Not counting the many other “guest spots” “recurring” or “upgraded” to contract status….UGH!

    Don’t these ASSHOLES know when doing SOOOOOOOO many changes at once in faces, storytelling, direction, music, sets etc. has a profound AFFECT on chipping away at the ratings in all demos and total viewers…with the audience seeing the EFFECT of YR’s destruction and quits watching. Lawd! someone needs to wake up and smell the cannabis coffee :| ;) :party:

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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