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    I’ve actually enjoyed the last few days with Devon, Tucker, Yolanda (Harmony, whatever), and Neil. Debbi Morgan is outstanding as usual, Stephen Nichols has something to do other than screech at Katherine, Bryton has toned it down a notch, and Kristoff St. John is actually onscreen (and looking so nice in his “I’m out of a job so forget the suit” outfit). The actors have actually made me care somewhat about their plights. The letdown is Katherine. She’s simply unbearable. Partially I blame Jeanne Cooper for hollering every other line, but since SN and BMc have done a lot of that lately, I guess proper blame goes to the director. But mostly I fault the writers. Brock, Neil, Tucker, and Devon have all explained, in different ways, to her why what she did was total bull. I can see her not wanting to believe Tucker, but when the other three–who in her opinion are more trustworthy and rational–are saying similar things, bells should go off in her head. Instead, Katherine falls back on the same excuses and takes absolutely no responsibility. Yolanda/Harmony has owned up to some of her blame, and so has Tucker. It took guts for him to admit to Devon that he did fumble the ball because of his own insecurities. Katherine should admit that she kept the secret because she was angry that Tucker rejected her. She turned herself and Devon into a 2-for-1 package: either accept me as your mother or lose me and your son. I hope the writers restore Katherine to a three-dimensional character soon, or else I’m going to FF her scenes as much as I FF TGVN.

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