Forums General Hospital Does anyone know if Mitch and Dorian are still legally married?
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    Given that Dorian & Mitch are stuck in jail together, I wonder if Ron & company plan on revisiting their marriage.  Does any know if their marriage was dissolved?  I am positive Mitch and Dorian were still married when he was ‘killed’.  Subsequently, that eventually led to ‘Bitchy Bangs’ because Dorian was broke after Mitch’s death   

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    Today she told Mitch she got their marriage annulled! :) 

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    Dorian tried to marry David post-Mitch & she just had her Lesbian ceremony last month, so she would have to have taken care of the Mitch issue a couple of years ago. 

    Considering her lawyers got her house back after she gave it away, they could probably work out a annulment….

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