Forums General Hospital Does Jack Manning not realize that there are other people besides his Scarface that could have killed his Uncle Victor?
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    Does Jack not realize that there were other people besides Scarface that wanted his Uncle Victor dead?

    Maybe if Jack were smart enough to realize that there were, or are other suspects who wanted Victor dead, other people who hated Victor and wanted him dead, that they could be the ones to have killed him and Jack wants Scarface to be guilty because he took everything Victor had

    Well Jack if you weren’t so determined to believe this and actually looked at this objectively, you would see that there were or are other people who hated Victor just as much as Todd did

    Jack, why aren’t you looking at Brody Lovett, Brody the guy who was supposed to marry your cousin Natalie, he could have easily have killed your Uncle Victor

    There’s Rex and Shane, they hated your uncle

    There’s your mom’s new boyfriend Tea’s own brother Tomas who could have killed your Uncle Victor

    John McBain hated your Uncle Victor

    Your own grandmother Irene Manning she could have easily killed Victor herself or she could have had her own son Victor killed

    Why aren’t you looking at any of them Jack?

    Or perhaps Jack if you weren’t such a damn brat you would see this, and you would see that your uncle Victor had a lot of enemies, any one of them could have killed him but you’re just so determined to believe your real dad Todd did it

    Here’s a thought Jack, Mitch Laurence he could have killed your Uncle Victor, because I hear Mitch is supposed to be returning to the canvas, that Roscoe Born is coming back and if he is, then Mitch could have somehow escaped from prison and he could have made a beeline straight to Victor’s house to kill him because his followers could have informed him that Victor is not the real Todd and that the real Todd is back and in Llanview, and that the man with his late brother Walker’s face is Todd’s twin brother Victor Jr., and that this was all Irene’s plan and that she is alive too, Mitch was deceived by this plan and he could have killed your uncle as a way of revenge on Irene

    Or Jack how about Marty Saybrooke, she could have killed your uncle because she killed Dr. Buhari, who’s to say that she didn’t slip right back into town undetected and disguised, she could have killed Victor easily, Marty had more than enough reasons to want your Uncle Victor dead

    But Jack wants to believe that Todd did it because he hates his own father, and Jack is just blinded by his hatred that he doesn’t want to be wrong

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    First, John shouldn’t be mention. Second, regardless of what you stated. I can’t stand Todd he is boring. Looking at him makes me angry. I hope and pray Blair falls madly in love with Tomas. Since they killed off Victor l really don’t care about OLTL anymore. I have my favorites on there. Too many to name. But John McBain top of list.

    If only they can start a new soap with them and leave Todd out! He did nothing for the soap. It’s still cancelled.
    As for jack i would hate him too. Look at what he did to Tomas? Is he a good role model for his kids? I don’t think so. He left for eight years I would think he would come back a better person and join forces with Victor to bring down his Mother for what she did to both of them, even though Victor is a little aggressive they both have that personality. They could’ve work through it. But No!!! Todd like the child he is have to run around town crying. He stole my life, my family, my money. My newspaper. As if Victor knew he had a twin brother and was in on it. Like he didn’t lose also and more his life.

    … let me get back to the John statement. John is a Detective he Wouldn’t kill Victor. As for Brody he didn’t kill him. If he did then Sorry in advance. Relating to the Mitch Story. Maybe? Todd was brain wash sitting around talking ( seeing her not normal ) and listening to his dead mother. Dead! And he seeing himself shooting Victor how sick can he be. He himself said he did it. Plus, if he is innocent why did he kidnap Tomas and his friend; put Tomas, fingerprints on the gun. ( Blair was the added motivation ) Why should Blair want him. Yuck!

    And I don’t want to hear oh… he was captive and abuse. That should make him come back get help and be a better person. Victor was also a victim he didn’t go around trying to kill him. Victor is not childish. He was a real man and Tea said it. Todd couldn’t rise to the challenge. Blair had a few words also about Victor performances.

    Todd is still childish. Blair needs a real man and I hope that before this show ends that the truth comes out and Todd gets what’s coming to him. or he is sent to jail for what he did to Tomas. And I don’t want to hear that Tomas gave him over to Irene. Tomas tried to make up for that, because that is the type of Man he is. He also took the blame for killing Irene and he didn’t have to. Now that is a real man. He doesn’t need to kidnap todd to get Blair.

    Oh… P.S. Todd raped Marty and did all the bad things people thought Victor did. Todd was the bad one. Remember Victor and Todd was switched. So Victor got all the blame for Todd Manning crimes.

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