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    1. Is Rafe2 somehow related to the organ stealing story? – Did they clone him or is it just a coincidence?
    1a. Otherwise, why did it matter that Stefano was behind the plot? (Given that he’ll never be punished for it.)

    2. Doesn’t Ma Brady’s still rent out the rooms above the pub?
    2a. Otherwise, why do all the 20-somethings live with Maggie?

    3. Whatever happened to Mickey and Maggie’s modern house where they raised Mellissa?
    3a. When did she move into her mother-in-law’s house?
    3b. Doesn’t she have some money from the restaurant, and Mickey’s law practice and her family’s farm?
    3c. Does Nathan stand to inherit to Anderson Manufacturing from Melissa? – it probably did well in the tech boom
    3d. Does Maggie have the “soap opera type of alcoholism” where she is sober except for champagne during a romantic scene?

    4. Sami shot EJ – but – why doesn’t she use her proof that EJ kidnapped the kids against him?
    4a.Isn’t that why she shot him?
    4b. Does EJ have the “stefano-immunity-deal”? The deal is – As long as you are shot or disappear from town for more than week than you’ll never be prosecuted for your crimes even though everybody knows that you are guilty

    5. Does anyone want to make a bet about how soon it is before we see Jennifer in a strapless dress with no heart scar?
    5a Could the lady from Santa Barbara do an entire heart surgery by herself, with only a scalpel, no retractors, and just a sedative?

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    The things that make you go hmmm. I have thought for a long time that Anderson Manufacturing should be playing a role in Days. Not only Nathan but Julie and Melissa would benifit from this company. I LOVED the modern house Mickey and Maggie lived in. That was the old Anderson house. There was also a cottage on the property that Mary Anderson lived in. It would be great to revive this set since modern is back in style. Plus I know that Days wants to make everything consistant with their cape cod look but seriously, wouldn’t hurt to use another template for housing in Salem. We have all these little cape cod houses and a couple mansions.

    But the big question really is how could the lady from Santa Barbara do entire heart surgery by herself with only a scalpel, no retractors and just a sedative with no cardiopalegic solution to put the heart into AND the patient and heart both survive the surgery. Oh and no pump to keep blood flowing in the patient. To say that Jennifer was heartless was not an understatement. Do the writers not know that one actually needs the heart for something other than to be trampled on?
    4b… If the idiots that live in Salem ever leave town Lord forbid they come back! Immunity or no. This show needs to mine its history find 20 or so characters that they can bring on the show and purge the current cast.
    Even the popular ones such as EJ and Sammi have been ruined beyond repair.
    Lets bring back the Horton clan. There are alot of them out there and they have surely produced alot of offspring by now. There should be a ton of stories. I KNOW I can think of many. Why can’t the writers?

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