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    A great interview on WLS with Bryan Dattilo and the subject came up about possibly being Stefano’s son and Joe M. actually went to the writers a few years ago discussing the possibility and then Bryan left show….well Joe’s talking about again and Bryan stated he loves the idea. This could be interesting twist if writers see the advantage of changing his paternity. What do you think? Yea or Nay? Here’s a snippet from the interview and link.

    WE LOVE SOAPS TV: Do you ever wish that it could turn out that Stefano DiMera was Lucas’s father instead of Bill Horton? Wouldn’t that be interesting if that was the secret in Alice’s safe deposit box?
    Bryan Dattilo: I think Joe mentioned that two years ago, before I was let go. Joe Mascolo is an insane actor and he’s great to work with, so I would love to have those scenes with him. We were actually talking about it last time–two years ago, before I was let go for (I think?) the fourth time–we were talking and he was like, [he uses his Joe Mascolo voice] “You should be my son. We’ll have wonderful scenes together.”

    And I said “I’d love to, Joe, talk to them.” And I think he went to them and he asked or talked about it with somebody and they sort of hinted that I wasn’t going to be there, and he said [as Moscolo again] “You’re going to let him go? What are you crazy?”

    Now that I’m back he hints about it all the time. “We have to get on this father/son thing.” So I hope it happens.

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    I certainly hope that Days does not make Lucas Stefano’s son. He is part of the Horton legacy now as is Will. I am sick and tired of people’s identity changing every so often. He is the son of this one or that one. She is really the illegitamate daughter of these two even though she was found by her blood to be the sister of this one. It makes everything that has ever happened questionable. And for really no reason. If Lucas wants to be in with the Dimera’s it wouldn’t be that hard to stick him in there. Just have Stefano hire him to be his right hand man. Done. He is better at it than EJ, Stefano makes Lucas his heir. EJ and Lucas are always at eachothers throats but EJ can’t tie his shoes properly let alone run an evil empire so Lucas always has the upper hand. There is no need to re rewrite history. It was already rewriten to make Lucas Bill Horton’s son and totally ruined Bill doing it. Besides the time frame is all wrong. If Kate were already pregnant when she left town, she hadn’t even met Stefano yet. Stefano didn’t arrive here until after Kate had left town already.

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    I would be an extremely unhappy Days fan if they decided to go there. For all the reasons Mark said and…

    1. Kate’s whole childbearing history has been re-worked and re-written at least three times already. Enough!

    2. IMO it is already a joke that Stefano has fathered so many children.
    Do they really need to go there again?

    3. Soaps have got to stop this constant shifting of the characters’ blood relatives. It used to be a storyline that was rarely used in the past. In recent years, they’ve done it so many times that it ends up causing viewers to question their understanding and loyalty to certain characters.

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    This would be an EPIC fail for DAYS if they rewrote Lucas’ paternity. For starters, Stefano doesn’t need anymore damn kids and we can’t afford to lose a Horton. They’re suppose to be Salem’s core family, we can’t just rewrite history. I’m glad BD and JM get along on set, but we don’t need a rewrite. Also, I’d personally like to see Megan Hathaway return in order to give us a ruthless bitch with Dimera blood on the scene. Maybe cast Gina Tognoni or Maura West in the role?

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    @Mark, SoapArm,& A…Ok I’m convinced this isn’t a good idea. But this is where I don’t know complete history of Days and after reading these posts and Mark explaining the s\l (as always thanks Mark, my go to guy for Days I just knew you Mark you be on this like white on rice ;) ) it would be a complete messy story and Days has made this a habit of doing this too much to characters. Not knowing all the history at first I thought “this could be interesting” but not now, I understand. I’m still a “virgin” with Days ;) Like all you wonderful NBCers and me coming from CBS, which CBS never did that type of s\l to characters with such messy parentage yes they had “whose the baby’s daddy” stories or adult children come into the picture like all soaps. The exception once with Jill messy parentage…but that NEVER happened on Bill’s watch, his families stayed connected and Jill was ALWAYS a FOSTER when Bill was alive, however it was his long time writers that made that mistake after he died in John F. Smith & Kay Alden. That was the biggest blunder of their career but whose to say it wasn’t being instructed by new EP or Sony and even now I much rather have those two back at Y&R to write today because the wonderful stories they did pen over 30 years I can forgive them in hot NY second. ATWT or GL never had this type of messy parentage stories and I watched for 40 years.

    Mark or anybody who is Megan Hathaway? AKBAD I love the idea of your casting, now we are talking because I love those 2 actress coming from my soaps so give the dirt on the character and how & who is she connected to on canvas? :~

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    @Mark touché my friend. I had no idea Megan would be in that age range haha.

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    Harlee we have two people on Days currently whose history makes Jill Foster Abbott Chancelor/ Fenmore look like a straight line from birth.
    Melanie and John have such messy parentage that to try to explain it requires a map.
    Melanie first came on as the sister of Max Brady, an adopted child of the Brady family. He finds her because of her blood. She is his bio sister.
    Their father was an evil mathmatics teacher(don’t ask). Mother unknown.
    Well then it comes out after Max leaves and Carly comes back to town that she is actually the bio daughter of Carly, AND Daniel. Then we find out that Daniel is not his parents child but rather Maggie Horton’s stolen and fertalized egg (donner unknown). To add to this confusing situation, Max first came to town with a kid named Frankie. Frankie too was adopted by the Brady’s. He was Jennifer’s first love. But it just so happens that Frankie is Carly’s bio brother. Making Frankie Melanie’s uncle. So come to find out (even though they are biologically brother and sister according to blood tests), Melanie was simply adopted by the evil mathmatician and there for not Max’s sister but rather his adopted brother’s neice, who is her bestest friend Abby’s mother’s first love. Make sense?
    Then there is John. John Black first came to town and made up his name because he didn’t know who he was. It was quickly established that he was indeed Roman Brady with a new face. The end. Until the real Roman Brady shows up and wants his name back. Then we find out that John among other things has been a soldier, a medic (or maybe doctor), a priest, and an art theif. But before his illustrious careers, he was the son of the Allamains.
    Lawrence Allamain was his brother. Lawrence was also Carly Manning’s husband. The two brothers were born slightly apart (John was a little older than Lawrence. His birth name is Forrest). Atleast until we actually find out that he is the half brother of Stefano and the nephew of Shawn Brady Sr. When Stefano and Shawn were about 10, Shawns sister who was a nun, fell in love with Stefano’s father. They had a baby that was given up for adoption. That baby was named John. Who eventually became Forrest Allamain who was kidnapped by Vivian Allamain so that Lawrence could be the heir to the family and not Forrest. Keep in mind that Stefano and Shawn are only about 10 years older than John in this storyline. However he was once Roman Brady, Shawn’s son. And then he was the slightly older brother of Lawrence. His age can not be pinpointed with these time lines. John is somewhere between say 55 years old and 75, depending on how one looks at the story. With all those careers behind him, he would need to be oh about 100 to have mastered all those trades as well.
    So when I say that Days does not need another who’s the baby daddy story for the adult people on this show, I am not even joking lol.
    Megan Hathaway was one of Stefano’s illegitamate children. She and Bo Brady dated at one time. She didn’t live very long. But then again being a Dimera, she could come back. Personally, I would have loved for Renee Dumond to come back. She was the daughter of Stefano that was in love with Tony Dimera. She was torn between her passion for Tony and her love of David Banning (Julie’s son). When it was discovered that Tony and Renee were related, it was thought that David had the upper hand. But Tony it was found out was not the bio son of Stefano (this has since been altered back and Tony is his son. With that Renee was free to love Tony but not before she was killed off by a serial killer. By the way both of thos very fine actresses would be too young to play Megan. She was a fully grown adult in the mid 1980s making her somewhere aroung fifty years old. We don’t need Maura to be acting outside her age range again! Been there and done that!

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