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    Jamie is always casting a role on a soap. So I thought it might be fun to recast an historically important role with someone new. I pick La Lucci to come to Days of our Lives as Dr Laura Horton. The beautiful unhinged psychiatrist who has been very important to Days over the years. One reason I think this could work well is because of her petitte size makes it reasonable that little Jennifer Horton could be her daughter. But that is not all. She has alot of feminine charm that the last portrayer Jamie Lynn Bauer and Susan Oliver brought to the role. She also has the vulnerablity that the role has demanded. Yet always at the core of this character was an inner determination and strength that often pushed through her mental dissorder. She was able to contain it for so many years until it got the best of her. I can see Susan Lucci moving right into this role brilliantly and maintaining her status as one of daytimes biggest stars. Plus it would be wonderful to have the two biggest female stars of daytime ever Diedre Hall and Susan Lucci in scenes together. Laura and Marlena had been friends for many years and in fact Marlena came in to fill in while they were recasting the role of Laura. So in essence Marlena was a temporary recast of Laura that found her own voice and flew! A Great role for a daytime ICON.
    Any thoughts on this? Other dream roles for actors or characters?

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    I am against recasting, so if Laura ever comes back, I want her to be played by the definitive Laura Horton, Jaime Lyn Bauer. I’d love a Kate/Bill/Laura triangle.

    I would like Days to bring Eric Brady, Sarah Horton, Andrew Donovan, and Jeannie Donovan onto the show, but I don’t want them played by familiar faces. I’d love to see newcomers in these roles. That being said, they would probably try to find name actors for Eric and Sarah. I’d go with Forbes March as Eric and Emily Harper as Sarah.

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    your arguement is silly because Jamie Lynn Bauer was the fifth Laura Horton. So in essence we would have to dig up some actress from the 1960s that played the role first. Her name was Floy Dean I think. And Jamie Lynn was hardly the definative Laura Horton. That would be Susan Flannery who was basically the star of the show when she was playing the role. It is just in your little pea brain, the show didn’t exist until you started watching it.

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    As much as I love her, I don’t think Susan Lucci is right for the role of Laura. I agree with A-Crane on this one, Jamie Lyn Bauer was great in the role. In fact, everytime I watch this clip below, it reminds me of why she’s perfect as Laura. I only started watching DAYS in the 90s, so I never got to see Susan Flannery in the role. However, I know she was MAGNIFICENT. She even won the show’s first Lead Actress Emmy in 1975.

    I think that they should, at the very least, offer Jamie the part if they are going to bring back the character. Jamie has been very loyal to the show and spoken very favorably about it in magazine interviews. If Jamie declines their offer and they are insistent on bringing back Laura, I think Robin Strasser would be PERFECT for the role. She would be the perfect sparring partner for Lauren Koslow, plus she’s age appropriate and a powerhouse.

    I also don’t like recasts, unless they find an actor who is BETTER than the actor they are trying to replace. I am not trying to shoot down your idea or anything, so please don’t take my comments personally. I am merely offering my two cents!!!

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    Robin S would be FIERCE!

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    I think Erika Slezak would be a great Laura Horton also. I doubt she would ever move to L.A. but she would be great.

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    Robin Strasser plays “bitch” well, which is why she would be so WRONG for Laura Horton. Laura is a sweet woman. Eriza Slezak would be better-suited, but she’s still wrong for the role.

    Jaime Lyn Bauer is the definitive Laura and I bet she’d be the one to return if Days decides to bring her and Bill back. She has history with Lauren Koslow’s Kate–they have awesome rival chemistry! I know some people like Susan Flannery but she has never even interacted with Melissa Reeves!

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    Sonnysproket Erika would have been my first choice. She embodies everything that Laura Horton previously did before the 1990s. And we know she can do nutty stuff too. The reason I picked La Lucci is because of her simular acting ability and style to Jamie Lynn Bauer. I see Laura returning to a more sane and making a comeback. Maybe she writes a best seller “My Years in Hell” detailing her long years of mental illness and her battle to pull herself out of it. I can picture Ms. Lucci dressed to the nines and coming to town to promote her new book and touch bases with her family. While there, she impresses the community and is offered a job helping people on air with their problems ala Dr Phill. The return to nice Dr Laura becomes a smash hit with her new tv program and getting more confident every day when Bill Horton inevitably shows up. He is a little gun shy with her plus he has some other women looking his direction including Maggie and Kate. Laura and her refound groundedness is patient and willing to see where things go, she is also no wall flower and maybe field some advances from other sources. (I also picked her because it seems very reasonable that she would be desirable to Jack).
    I also thought of bringing Mike Horton back as well. I thought Ricky Paull Goldwin would make an excellent Mike. He would be returning the character back to his more fun incarnation of the 80s as played by Michael Weiss who I found to be my favorite version of the character. Ricky and Susan do have very simular appearance and I could definately see them as mother and son. Putting them together with Jen and and maybe John Martin as Bill, this family would be great again.

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