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    Kate and Bill’s affair is an important part of Days’ (retroactive continuity) history, but we have never seen these two as lovers on screen. With daughter Jennifer and grandchildren Abby and Will in Salem, it would make sense for Bill to come back to town and accept a position at University Hospital to be closer to his family. Bill returns with his fiancee Laura–seems they rekindled their relationship after Alice’s funeral and are planning to wed.

    Man-hungry Kate finds herself drawn to Bill and wants him back. She uses Will as the impetus to ingratiate herself into Bill’s life. Laura feels threatened, and this reignites the Kate/Laura feud. Kate tries to seduce Bill but he won’t give in because the last time he cheated on Laura, she lost her mind. Kate continues to pursue Bill. Meanwhile, Laura turns to Kate’s ex Roman and asks him to spend time with Kate to keep him away from Bill. This plan blows up in Laura’s face when she realizes Roman has developed feelings for her.

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    I have always loved the scenes between Lauren Koslow and Jamie Lyn Bauer. In fact, when Laura returned when Alice was sick, I was hoping they’d have more than one scene together, although I know it probably would have been appropriate for them to be having a verbal catfight downstairs during such a serious storyline.

    I hear that they are going to have Kate battling/plotting against Chloe next on DAYS, which is such a waste of Lauren Koslow’s talents. I enjoyed her rivalries with Sami and Nicole because Allison Sweeney and Arianne Zucker are both great actresses, but Nadia Bjorlin is dreadful. It’s like watching Michelle Stafford devour Amelia Heinle on Y&R during their “snarkfest” scenes. Not interesting to watch, actually insulting!!

    Okay, back on track………I think this is a fabulous idea. And hopefully the new writers will come across your ideas and suggest them to TPTB. ;) ;)

    With all my soaps dying, I am going to have to find a new soap to invest in, and maybe these new writers can make DAYS watchable again???

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