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    If Days brings Carrie and Austin back, I think we’ll see a triangle with Nicole. Why? They flirted with Austin and Nicole as a couple before he left town in 2002. Plus, Carrie and Austin are at their best when Carrie is pitted against an evil scheming bitch. I don’t think they will do Carrie/Austin/Sami again, so I think they would use Nicole as Carrie and Austin’s obstacle. I could even see them doing a quad and adding EJ to the mix. They chem-tested James Scott with Christie Clark when he joined the show in 2006. Just pure speculation!

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    I hope they do bring Carrie back to Days….. as a widow. I hope they kill Austin off in a plane wreck and bring Carrie back to do two things. Number one that will kill off one of the most boring couples ever on daytime in its total history and number two it will shut you up about Carrie and Austin. Really Alistar Crane you have the strangest taste in obsessions.
    Austin Peck had to read his lines off camera because he couldn’t remember them for the first five years. And the only reason they existed at all was to foil Sami (who was the real star of the stories anyway). I watched Carrie grow up from a little girl and have much affection for her but really your obsession with her is down right mental(same way with your other obsessions). IF Patrick Muldoon were to reprise the role of Austin, maybe just maybe that would work a little better but I never thought that Patrick and Cristie Clark had any chemistry. He seemed like he was way too old for her. He should have been out chasing strippers or nurses….

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    LOL. Mark. You’re a riot.
    I actually agree with both of yall. I can see both happening. I kind of like the idea of Austin not coming back and Carrie and Lucas coming back to the show separately, and then developing a relationship. The Nicole thing sounds interesting, but the idea of a lone Carrie sounds even better.
    And yeah, I agree about Austin Peck. I f’ing hated the character of Austin because of his bad acting, and he was just as bad on OLTL STILL AFTER ALL THESE YEARS! I have no desire to see him on my TV screen, and I can’t necesarily see Patrick Muldoon coming back when Austin Peck played Austin for way longer. It’s not impossible though.

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    When Christie blogged about the episode of Days she filmed in December (which aired in February) and discussed that picture of her with Alison Sweeney and Patrick Muldoon, she revealed Patrick said, for the first time in 15 years, that’d he be interested in coming back to Days. Sure, Austin Peck played Austin longer, but the original counts more. Like, if Days got cancelled and they brought Billie back, they’d best bring Lisa Rinna back and not Julie Pinson.

    I wouldn’t mind Carrie coming back as a widow because I would HATE to see my favourite couple torn apart again like with the Mike Horton debacle of ’98-99. Then when the show ends, they can bring Austin back and have him reunite with Carrie.

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    This is one of my favourite Days moments EVER:

    Unfortunately this clip has been edited. Before Carrie says, “And I win” and punches out Sami, she said, “This time you lose, bitch!”. That totally made the scene, but for whatever reason it was cut from this clip. I remember cheering and screaming at the TV in delight when this happened.

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