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    Ok, I think this is the perfect time to bring Dru back. Ratings are down, fans are bored, so what better way to revitalize this show? The timing couldn’t be better! Neil just found out he is Moses’ father and I am already seeing “visions of sugarplums” in Sofias’ eyes……umhuh! What better way to put a wrench in that then to have Dru miraculously back from the dead in true “Soap” fashion. OMG!!! I SO WANT TO WRITE THAT SCRIPT!!


    We could have dru as nun in a convent away from town with her memory lost and have Devon head out of town to get away from the mess he is in and then have him get into small car accident and end up at the convent. This would bring into contact with Dru. After some near misses they would finally come face-to-face and the groundwork would be set for a reunion until Devon falls ill and Neil starts to search for his lost son when they find the empty car on the side of the road. He then enlist the help of Paul to try and find Devon while he seeks consoling from YoHarmony.

    Meanwhile, while Devon is recuperating he works to help Dru aka Mary Mora remember her past. Yet the lack of internet and other modern technology is a hindrance.

    After some dead leads Paul eventually finds Devon at the convent and sees Dru. He then calls Neil to come there and when he sees her Dur finally remembers everything.

    When she returns to GC YoHamrony starts to plot make Neil’s manipulating Sofia to get what she wants.

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    Christel Khalil and Michelle Stafford, who both seem to be nothing but vindictive hags, have been “secretly” campaigning behind the scenes for quite a while now to keep Victoria Rowell from returning to the show, so as long as Sony is kissing Stafford’s increasingly overrated butt, Dru will never be back in Genoa City. And to be honest with you, as much as I love this character and actress, I actually don’t want her to come back right now with Y&R in such a crappy state. Maria Bell doesn’t care about black characters……nor does she care about writing quality stories for ANY character, much less the minorities. I am sure that if Dru were brought back, it would be an insultingly horrendous story, because that seems to be all that Hackarena is capable of writing. So I am actually thrilled that my girl is FAR, FAR away from this train wreck.

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    Really how did you find that?
    Thats nuts, I can’t stand Phyllis

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    I agree, bring Dru back

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    Bell doesn’t care about black characters……nor does she care about writing quality stories for ANY character, much less the minorities.

    They have turned the only black family into crap….
    No flavor what so ever…..
    Lilly is so boring, well her and Cain/Kane …..
    For the Love of Gawd, just let them go off into the sunset…

    And is it just me or am I the only one who just doesn’t understand why NOBODY has any carpet…..
    The click clack of everybody shoes is astounding and it doesn’t sound like hard wood……
    It sounds like they are walking on Linoleum Flooring….
    Out of all those million $ homes and businesses nobody has carpet….

    Sick of Chloe ‘s wallet hummping , over the top butt….

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    Alstonboy, we may not agree on much as a general rule, but, as I’ve said before, we are always in complete agreement on this.

    I happen to believe that V. Rowell would be a far greater asset to the show than either of those two bitches, but I don’t particularly want to see her back at this particular time, working for this particular regime.

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    Personally, I would LOVE to see Dru rock Neil’s world and put a sock in Sophia’s mouth, but you are profoundly correct, AlstonBoy. Now is not the time to bring her back on board. First, get rid of the gratuitously crowned Bell and tell Miss Kiss-up Stafford to check herself. If the execs really care about the soap they will stop wasting time and bring back our girl.

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    Never liked Dru and always avoided watching her. Ditto for her sister.

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