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    Y&R has put out a casting call for a body double:

    “A female body double, late-20s to mid-40s, 5’4”, dress size 0-2, long red hair, and in great physical shape. Role also requires strong acting and memorization … multiple episodes at principal scale. This will not preclude actresses from doing future roles on the show. Starts approximately 2/16/10.”

    Those sound like Tracey’s specs (it can’t be Michelle Stafford because she’s not 5’4 or a size 0-2). Whatcha think??

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    I was really worried it was going to be Pheila (Phyllis as Sheila) again… I guess not :P

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    I think you’re on to something, Alistair…

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    I’ve been waiting for Sheila to surface ever since Daisy hit the canvas but they can’t possibly be doing a "Sheila didn’t die she just needed plastic surgery and guess who she had the doctors make her look like" storyline at the same time as the Patty switching with Emily debacle, can they?

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    I wouldn’t put it past them, analiza. I am hoping for the one, true Sheila (Kimberlin Brown) to return though.

    Y&R has gone crazy with dual roles in the past couple of years: Marge/Kay in ’08, Patty/Emily in ’09, and now possibly Lauren/? in ’10. I love a good dual role (or quintuple role, as Eileen Davidson played on Days), but this is getting to be a bit much.

    Next I bet Amber will discover little Deacon is being taken care of by her twin sister April Knight!

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    Please, Alistair, no! Not April Knight!! I credit Brad Bell with realizing early on what a mistake that idea was and writing April off B&B shortly after her debut, so I pray that Y&R does not resurrect her. But you are right that Y&R has had at least two in the last year and a half and probably one more on the way, so I wouldn’t put it past them to bring April back to her sister’s orbit,

    And as you already know, I’m with you in hoping that if Sheila has to return, it will be as her originator, Kimberlin Brown, and not as a faux Lauren. Having Michelle Stafford taking over Kimberlin’s signature role was a mistake IMO, and I would hope Y&R would not compound that by having Sheila now looking like Lauren.

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    What if Tracey will be playing Lauren’s long-lost eeeeevil twin? That would explain why Daisy has red hair like Lauren.

    No idea what her vendetta against Amber and Daniel would be.

    Ahh, that theory is stupid. It’s got to be Sheila. Obviously she hates Lauren. Her hatred of Amber goes back to the B&B. And she’s got to have something against Phyllis, otherwise she wouldn’t have sent a lackey to Genoa City with Phyllis’ face.

    Did Deacon and Sheila ever interact on B&B?

    Has anyone else Amber and Daniel haven’t appeared since they decided to look for Little D? And there has also been no word on if Andrea Evans will be returning as Tawny Moore. I hate that this story is stuck in slow motion.

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    I love Kimberlin Brown, and I LOVED the character of Sheila, but unless the writers are prepared to use this character in a way that they haven’t used her before—-more than just torturing Lauren for a few months and then disappearing—then I think they need to leave Sheila in the past!!!

    I would love for them to somehow put Scotty and Sheila’s daughter together, perhaps make Lauren and Sheila grandmothers to the same child…..that would really bring a new dynamic to their rivalry.

    Or maybe have Michael somehow fall in love with Sheila??? I know that is far-fetched, but it is the type of story that would hold my interest as a viewer, and it would be outside the box.

    However, the last group of writers didn’t really utilitze Sheila the way that I would have preferred for them to. They did alright, but I am looking for something new and fresh!!

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    Sheila shouldn’t be left in the past if our final memory of her is the laughable, awful "Pheila" story. Michelle Stafford is no Kimberlin Brown and shouldn’t have been allowed to play Sheila if that was her swan song.

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    Sheila and Deacon never interacted on B&B, Alistair. Deacon first came on after Sheila left, and he was in storyline limbo after the birth of Hope when she returned to L.A. following her daughter Mary/Erica. Deacon didn’t really come back into storylines until after Sheila had "killed" Taylor at the end of that story. Then, when she made her reappearance the following year in Puerto Vista, she only interacted with Ridge, Brooke, Nick and Massimo before disappearing again until her 2005 return to Y&R.

    Still, Sheila kept tabs on the Forresters during her years in seclusion, especially when "Erica" started idolizing the Forrester family. So even though she never interacted with Deacon, Sheila probably knew of his history with Amber and little D, and that would make him a prime choice to use for her revenge on both Amber and Lauren. The only problem is that Deacon’s arrest kept him from moving on to the next phase of the plan, against Michael and Lauren, so now Sheila is forced to rely more on Ryder and Daisy. Of course, this all assumes that Sheila is the mystery mommy.

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    This Little D story has me crazy! Little D is older than Hope on B&B!
     He is Hopes older brother. Why are the writers doing this?????

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    Ok, so this Lauren "look alike" was to start filming around Feb 16th.  Tracey Bregman has not been on set much but according to her facebook she was finally called back in on February 18th and she said it was a crazy day on set and lots of fun for her and she hoped fans would like the story.  Now, she never hints at any storylines or ever gives anything away, but does say when she is back filming.  She has mentioned a few times in the last couple weeks that what she is filming if fun.  And although she is not one to complain, I know she has wanted Lauren to get a bit of her bad girl side back for awhile since she always loved playing bad girl Lauren.

    So I wonder if Lauren will have a twin, as far fetched at that is, or if Lauren will be set up for a crime she did not commit and that’s why they brought in this actress that looks like her. 

    Daisy set up Eden, and one can see how Kevin would be suspected of something happening to Jana based on their weird dinner at the AC this week.  Whose to say Daisy or this Mama Bear won’t set up Lauren to look guilty for a crime she didn’t commit. 

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    Yes, perhaps they ARE setting up Lauren. With her headaches and shift in personality, Michael might think she’s gone off the deep end if she committed a crime. I guess we’ll find out in March because that’s when these scenes will probably air.

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