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    Let’s keep it real. Daytime as we know it on television is coming to a close. All the hope in the world is not going to keeps soaps on TV. So let’s just face the facts, the networks should just set an end date for each of the remaining soaps and write them like they have never written them before for the wind-down. Sure Days is on fire right now, but in the long run it won’t be around another 10 years and we fans are just biding our time like we are waiting for grandpa to kick the bucket in the nursing home. It’s “touch and go” as they say…Touch and go.

    So the future of soaps lies on the web. So why not start by taking shows like Anacostia, The Bay, Empire and Venice and put them on something like The Online Network and fund them, which would come at a economical cost. Air them for 15 minutes each episode for up to 5 days a week. The model is sound and good. The amount of capital needed would not even be close to some 65 + million. The actors would be willing to negotiate corresponding contracts. And since each has been tested and proven to be able draw in an audience on its own. Giving them a larger platform and funding security would be an excellent idea. Because it is time to stop looking in the past and start looking toward the future.

    There will be a new glory day…A new era of soaps…But they will have new names with new characters and different writers and producers. That is the future. And if we don’t adapt to change then we’ll be left behind.

    So all of the creators of these web soaps need to band together and contact Prospect Park or form their own network and get it going!

    Because if you are a soap fan and are still waiting for “Captain save a soap!” I WANNA BE SAVED! You gonna be waiting.

    So let’s embrace the change and work to build up a new soap legacy and empire.

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