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    We’ve been discussing the politics of Salem and it turns out I was right. EJ said the other day about the Liberal media’s portrayal of his family was straight out of the conservative Republican talking points handbook. I think the writers are democrats ;).

    And hey what is up with that cop back-talking Hope at the police station? He said he didn’t shit what happened because the union was going to make sure he kept his job. That means EJ is going to anti-union in the election an Abe a former Law Enforcement official himself will be pro-union.

    I have this concept that as a politician EJ is a young Dick Cheney. I’m conflicted though. I would vote for Abe in a minute, but EJ is just so damn compelling. Can he fool the masses with prayer, small town, pro-America rhetoric?

    I might be the only one here but I was happy John got his ass whooped in jail. I was tickled pink by it. And it is creating great new conflict between Hope and Marlena.

    Wait a minute has Days become a show where we can now have intellectual discussions about vs the days when it “yeah I watch that show…but don’t tell nobody..?”

    I am loving Days 2.0!

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    I think it is terrific that Days has given Abe and EJ differing politcal views. And they are not exactly down the line. Abe a traditional family man church going, ex police cheif is the liberal. While EJ the younger amoral lad is the conservative. It mixes it up and shows that people are not cut outs. We cross lines in the politcal arena. A minister can as easily make a case for being a liberal. While a mobster could be a conservative. We are individuals not just one thing or another.
    I am all for soaps having their characters pick sides in an issue. Whether it be religion or politics or personal ethics or sex and gender issues. It doesn’t have to be who they are but rather just inform the character’s traits. We don’t need any more generic characters. We need people with ideas ideals and opinions. It adds to the shows richness, it adds to the depth of characters, and it adds to the story at hand.

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    I think think this has the makings of a sensational story if done correctly. Abe vs EJ with Lexie caught smack in the middle. Renee Jones really needs something meaty to dig her teeth into. Days has gotten very topical all of a sudden. This whole mayoral election and John Black’s corporate raiding of the pension plan are really ripped from the headlines. I fully approve of the direction that DOOL is heading right now. Keep up the excellent work head writers.


    @Sonny/Mark: Yes I agree. Ir has finally gotten back to the roots of daytime. Somebody been listening to Agnes and watching her interviews. Ripped from the headlines storylines. I’m just happy their is finally a soap to love right now.

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