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    Hey on Tuesday episode both Angell Conwell and Redaric Williams both pulled off some steller performances on when their characters confronted Congressman Wheeler. Even Mark Pinter proved once again why it would be good to keep him around. Imagine him becoming the new villain that everyone wants to take down but manages to get away and gets his comeuppance every now and again. Mark is well worth the money they would spend and could get rid of Steve “Turtle Acting” Burton. Hey Eric Braden started out as being hired for only 14 episodes. But I digress….

    Anyways Angie and Redaric could be submitted as pre-nominees and could even see them making the final cut for the Emmy’s in 2014. That was their shining moment so far. Everything was played just how the average black person would react. Now that is what we mean by actors taking the scripts and personalizing it like Bill Bell let the African Americans do in the 90’s.

    When it comes to the NAACP Awards if they don’t nominate day players like Tatyana Ali or the guy at the gas station who had one line saying “He went that-away!” These two actors are a shoe-in for a win. You know how bias the NAACP Awards is toward Y&R anyways… I can see Tony Todd being nominated and given it due to his popularity though.

    On the other hand I wish they would create an Emmy category called “short-term/recurring roles” Because Mark Pinter would be a shoe in as a nominee for that as would Tony Todd.

    See scene here:

    On another note Y&R is doing the damn thing. They are mixing romance, drama, intrigue and a bit of comedy all into one soap. It feels more like a Bill Bell Y&R. It reminds you why this soap is number 1. We are slowly but surely getting that prime time quality back. And them numbers are showing it in the ratings. I’ll take that over 1 million returns any day.

    It’s like fine wine. Aged to perfection vs your $9 dollar bottle at the Safeway.

    Team Y&R here! Whose down?

    P.S. There is now a Tily club. And I’m a proud member.

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