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    On last night’s ET, they previewed Josh Duhamel’s return and Nancy O’Dell said sometime to the effect of, “Josh Duhamel returns to explain how his character survived falling off a cliff years ago”.

    Leo lives!

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    Nancy needs to research it. It was off a bridge at Millers Falls. Lol

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    She might’ve said “bridge” and I got it confused! I don’t watch AMC so all I know is that Leo fell from somewhere and “died”. I will, however, be DVRing AMC next week so I can check out Josh Duhamel’s scenes.

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    I’ve seen previews of some of Josh’s upcoming scenes with Rebecca Budig/Greenlee, and I am actually excited about his return. Leo and Greenlee were a TRUE supercouple, unlike Ryan and Greenlee, who are essentially one of the worst couples in the show’s history, yet they continuously try shoving them down viewers’ throats. Unfortunately, few have as good of a gag reflex as I do. I hope Lorraine will change that. I honestly feel that trying to push RYLEE together contributed greatly to the declining ratings, which contributed to the show’s cancellation.

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    HOT DAMN! I LOVED Greenleo. The first couple I shipped for and I find that crap to be so corny. However, I am worried this is a gimmick Leo will be dead and will be a prop for Greenlee and Ryan (ewww). Hopefully, they leave the show together.

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