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    Here’s a great article I found an interview with Jess Walton, it’s a must read for Y&R fans! I swear to God if Y&R lets her go I for one will fight like hell….seriously to lose Jill Foster Abbott would impact so many characters especially Katherine…is Jeanne Cooper next?

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    The sad part is I think Y&R would let Jess Walton go to cater to all their grab-bag actors from ABC. Jess at least deserves to be there until the very end.

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    I hope MAB and The Gang keep Jess Walton around till the very end of The Show, which could be next year or so.

    With the way the story was written, only Gen or Colin could stick around in Genoa City. Sorry to see Colin go.

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    One more thing. Jess called Colin the love of Jill’s life. I was hoping she would also remember Ji Minh, too.

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