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    Thinking of daytime if you could create a daytime drama with a cast of soap stars whom are still alive from the past and present who would they be and what would the soap be called?

    Title: Time After Time
    Location: Crescent City, CA
    Short Synopsis: Following the battles of the McKinley’s and the Toussaint’s in the fight for power and dominance in the magazine publishing world and love, lies, and deceit bequest the citizens of Crescent City.

    Lela Amour (Lindsay Harley)
    David Cooper (Lawrence Saint-Victor)
    Brandon Hendricks (Darin Brooks)
    Marcus Johnson (Cornelius Smith Jr.)
    Roberta Johnson (Amelia Marshall)
    Dr. Geneva Larson (Alicia Minshew)
    Paula Ling (Minae Noji)
    Jesse Manhart (Billy Miller)
    Cynthia McKinley (Tina Sloan)
    Julia McKinley (Marcy Ryland)
    Robert McKinley (Jerry verDorn)
    Derek Moreno (David Fumero)
    Sarah Puccini (Alison Sweeney)
    Jeffery Shackleford (Lammon Rucker)
    Allison Smith (Daphnée Duplaix Samuel)
    Elise Toussaint (Tanisha Lynn)
    Henry Toussaint (Kristoff Saint John)
    Olivia Toussaint (Victoria Rowell)
    Nichole Toussaint (Davetta Sherwood)
    Thomas Wilshire (John Ingle)

    Theme song (features some different cast members then the version above):

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    Title: Harmony
    Location: Harmony, New England
    Short Synopisis: “Harmony” is a spin-off of “Passions”. Set in the same New England town, this soap follows up on the beloved characters from the original series.

    Tabitha Lenox: Juliet Mills
    Theresa Crane: Lindsay Hartley
    Ethan Crane: Eric Martsolf
    Gwen Hotchkiss: Liza Huber
    Rebecca Hotchkiss: Andrea Evans
    Sheridan Crane: McKenzie Westmore
    Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald: Galen Gering
    Sam Bennett: James Hyde
    Grace Bennett/Faith Standish: Dana Sparks
    Charity Standish/Monica DeVille: Molly Stanton
    Miguel Lopez-Fitzgerald: Jesse Metcalfe
    Julian Crane: Ben Masters
    Eve Russell: Tracey Ross
    Whitney Russell: Brook Kerr
    Frank Lomax: Jason Olive
    Beth Wallace: Kelli McCarty
    Antonio Lopez-Fitzgerald: Christopher Douglas
    Paloma Lopez-Fitzgerald: Silvana Arias
    Noah Bennett: Dylan Fergus
    Fancy Crane: Emily Harper
    Liz Sanbourne: Amelia Marshall
    Hecuba: Robin Strasser
    Nicholas DeVille: Maxwell Caulfield

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    Title: “Through The Years”, a 30 minute soap opera
    Location: Fictional Bedford Heights
    Short Synopsis: In a final video to her childhood friends, Jo Daniels asks them to care for her family and to become part of each others’ lives again. Joanna becomes the narrator of the soap, much like Mary Alice on “Desperate Housewives”.

    Joanna “Jo” Daniels: Ellen Parker (ex-Maureen, GL)
    Rick Daniels: Brian Kerwin (soon-to-be-ex- Charlie, OLTL)
    Mallory Daniels: Mandy Bruno (ex- Marina GL)
    Kyle Daniels: Mick Hazen (ex-Parker, ATWT)
    Charolette Sterling: Colleen Zenk Pinter (ex- Barbara, ATWT)
    Dr. Brynn McCallister: Deidre Hall (ex- Marlena, DOOL)
    Beth Lindsey: Brynne Thayer (ex- Jenny, OLTL)
    Garrett Lindsey: Wayne Northrop (ex- Roman, DOOL, ex- Rex, GH)
    Megan Lindsey: Farah Fath (Gigi, OLTL)
    Camille Howard: Debbi Morgan (Angie, AMC)
    Avery Howard: Richard Lawson (ex- Lucas, AMC)
    Quinn Howard: Lark Voorhies (ex- Jasmine, B&B, ex-Wendy, DOOL)
    Annie Richardson: Alice Barrett Mitchell (ex-Frankie, AW)
    Ty McCallister: Jacob Young (JR, AMC)
    Kelly McCallister: Kelly Kruger (ex- Mackenzie, Y&R)

    Charolette, a rich and successful author who resides in New York City, tries to help Jo’s daughter, Mallory, who is a writer for the local newspaper. Needless to say, Charolette is shocked to find out that Mallory is sleeping with her boss, who happens to be Beth’s husband, Garrett!

    Brynn, who returned to town to care for Jo in her final months, becomes close to Kyle and meets one of his teachers, Annie. The more time she spends with Annie, the more she finds herself attracted to her. What does this mean?

    Camille tries and support a depressed Rick, who struggles with going on without Jo, despite her husband’s unhappiness about it.

    Beth is the sweet, caring, nurturing friend who tries and supports everyone. What will she do when she finds out her best friend’s daughter is sleeping with her husband?

    Ty comes to Bedford Heights to visit his mom, Brynn, and finds himself in bed with Megan. Uh-oh, someone didn’t use protection…what will this mean for his wife back home?

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    Title: Seaside Bay
    Location: Seaside Bay, FL
    Short Synopsis: A gothic melodrama set against the backdrop of an upscale resort town where romance, mayhem, and mystery reigns supreme.

    Kate Richards (Fiona Hutchison, ex-Gabrielle, OLTL; ex-Jenna, GL)
    Nicole Scott (Sarah Buxton, ex-Annie, Sunset Beach; ex-Morgan, B&B)
    Aaron Scott (Sean Kanan, Deacon, Y&R)
    Jessica Richards (Josie Davis, ex-Grace, Y&R)
    Amanda Andrews (Laura Leighton, ex-Sydney, Melrose Place)
    Jonathan Evans (Hunt Block, ex-Ben, GL; ex-Craig, ATWT)
    Laura Stallion Evans (Lesley-Anne Down, Jackie, B&B)
    Nathan Bryant (Jack Wagner, Nick, B&B)
    Dylan Harrison (Clive Robertson, ex-Ben, Sunset Beach)
    Jocelyn Blair (Carrie Genzel, ex-Skye, All My Children)
    Ryan Callahan (Ty Treadway, ex-Colin/Troy, One Life To Live)
    Eduardo Gomez (Matt Cendeno, ex-Brandon, DAYS)
    Carla Perez (Vanessa Marcil, Brenda, GH)
    Cassandra Ross (Victoria Rowell, ex-Drucilla, Y&R)
    Capt. John Carson (Billy Dee Williams)
    Gail Carson (Anna Maria Horsford)
    Eleanor Ross (Lynn Whitfield)
    Greg Preston (Dax Griffin, ex-Shane, B&B; ex-Tim, Sunset Beach)
    Alana Preston (Alexa Havins, ex-Babe, All My Children)
    Sean Carter (David Charvet, ex-Craig, Melrose Place)


    I’m gonna start a fantasy soap place and let ya’ll come and write it. would be fun.

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    OMG!! I’ve been thinking the same thing!! I loved the old text serials and I want to start one in blog form. I’ve been looking at the late 1990s and early 2000’s text soaps and I am sorry I missed this era.

    I wrote one in the summer of 1992 when I was 13 on my typewriter. I didn’t know that a lot people would end up doing that in the coming years. I still have so many ideas and we need to keep the spirit of this genre alive. I started writing my story again after 19 years and want to get it out to the world. Not everyone can afford cameramen and actors like Martha Byrne and Crystal Chappell, but are just as creative and want to make a contribution to saving this art form we call soap opera.

    I found that some of the ideas in my manuscript that were novel when I wrote it actually came to fruition on soaps in the coming decade. Gay and ethnic storylines, in particular. David, if you do this, count me in!!! HIt me up on Twitter @Tiana61578. And LOL, “Though the Years” was one of my working titles back in the day..

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    Title: RIVERDALE
    Location: A section of the Mid-Western fictional town of Riverdale, Ohio.
    Synopsis: The show will follow the lives of the Klegg, Clayton, and Lang families on a street in Riverdale, Ohio. It will also chronicle the business and personal relationships with the shop-owners and entrepreneurs on this street.


    Erika Sleizak as Joanna Klegg
    Tristan Rogers as Thomas Klegg
    Lauren Woodland as Noelle Klegg
    Drew Garrett as Thomas Klegg, Jr.
    Ben Masters as Larry Wolmak
    Kristoff St. John as Morris Williams
    Debbie Morgan as Stephanie Clayton
    Keith Hamilton Cobb as Drake Clayton
    Davetta Sherwood as Noelle Clayton
    Nina Wadia as Marlene Deltoro
    Eric Steinberg as David Deltoro
    Shanelle Workman as Kelly Deltoro
    Tika Sumter as Erin Summers
    Greg Rikaart as Kyle Klegg
    Tricia Cast as Anna Leigh (Sister of Joanna Klegg)
    Jeanne Cooper as Agnes Wells
    Kevin Schmidt as Keith Leigh
    Bobbie Eakes as Jessie Mae Baldwin

    The soap will feature three main families all of whom live on one dead-end street in Riverdale, Ohio. It also features the characters of Larry Wolmak, an older, witty handyman, Agnes Wells the grumpy old woman who has lived her life full of regrets (also the owner of Things Remembered, an antique shop/general store), and Anna Leigh, who owns the local pub. This soap will be more like a British soap, with a much grittier edge to it than the American soap (and also much cheapter to produce).
    Initially, the show will focus on the rivalry between Joanna Klegg and her sister Anna, who has just moved to Riverdale after the death of their mother. Joanna is furious that her mother has left her restaurant, MAEBELLE’S, to Anna. Also, it will focus on social issues such as drug abuse, homosexuality, chronic depression, and racism.

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