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    Okay so here are the immediate changes needed in ABC soap order:


    The show is pretty safe right now. There is nothing overwhelmingly bad. I would though suggests bringing on Carter’s mother Elaine as would be played by Valarie Pettiford (ex-Shelia Price, OLTL/ex-Detective Courtney Walker, AW).

    Elaine would be a former fashion model turned handbag designer, who comes back from her Europeean and Asian jaunts to try and get her bags distributed in luxury retailers overseas. When she comes to town and met’s Maya, Elaine is immediately displeased with her as she feels Maya is beneath Carter. Thus, after learning about Maya’s past and once romance with Rick Forrester; sets a plot in motion to use Rick to breakup Maya and Carter.

    Pretending to have a important meeting with Rick Elaine makes her way over to Forrester creations and run smack dab into Ridge. She smacks him as soon as she lays eyes on him. And he pulls her into the board room before Katie or anyone else can see her. In the boardroom Elaine smacks Ridge again and reveals (to the audience) how they met in Italy, had a romance and promise that he would help her turn her line of bags into an international sensation, but he up and left her (without notice) and left her high and dry.

    Elaine believes Ridge used her to appease his “chocolate curiosity” like his brother Rick did with Maya. Katie walks in on Ridge and Elaine’s argument and Ridge, pretends he is negotiating a deal with Elaine and promises to have a contact sent to her by the end of the week.

    Later, Ridge visits Elaine in her penthouse apartment and tries to apologize for how things went down. Elaine is not hearing any of it. Ridge offers to sell her line of bags in Forrester’s Boutiques and allow her to reap all the profits as a show of his true sorrow. Elaine promises she will think about it and Ridge puts her on a time-table.

    Elaine runs into Brooke while out having lunch and the two become chummy. Brooke unknowingly gives Elaine the skinny on her history with Ridge and Forrester Creations. Ridge shows up to have lunch with Katie and becomes consumed with Elaine and Brooke as he worries Elaine may spill the beans on their affair. Elaine notices Ridge’s wandering eyes and silently taunts him from afar.

    Katie becomes concerned that Ridge is thinking about Brooke and demands to know what is going on. Ridge assures Katie that his mind is on the business deal with Elaine. He informs her that he is awaiting her decision and seeing her there has got him a bit curious.

    After lunch Elaine leaves and Ridge dips away from Katie, who is taking an important call to see what Elaine was up to. Elaine then wants to renegotiate the terms of the deal. She now wants an excessive contract with Forrester creations to produce and sell her designs. She also wants an executive position within Forrester Creations and a posh salary. If he does not deliver she plans to go to the tabloids about their affair and shows him pictures she has of them together on her Smartphone.

    Ridge calls her bluff and informs her that no matter what she does it won’t work. And that if she wants to go after a Forrester, she better be ready to be crushed. He promises her that she will be selling bags on the street corner. Ridge then reascends his offer and leaves.

    Elaine promises that for that threat, she will take down the whole Forrester empire.

    Later, Elaine calls her son Carter as she needs to talk to him. Once Carter arrives at her penthouse Elaine prepares her son for some bad news. Carter wonders if Elaine has cancer or if she is otherwise going to die. Elaine informs her son that she is not going to die and is not in bad health, but had a terrible experience while she was away.

    Elaine tearfully confesses that she was raped in Italy and that she ran into her rapist in Los Angeles. She asks Carter what can be done about this since the incident happened abroad? Carter says he will look into it and wants to know who the sadistic perp is. Elaine states she needs time before she can get into all that, because she is still reeling from the events. Carter promises to be there for his mother and make sure the rapist gets what he deserves.

    Elaine contacts Ridges and questions if he has rethought her offer? Ridge warns her to leave him and his family alone or she will regret it. He hangs ups.

    Later, Elaine learns that there is not much that can be done stateside. And that she would have to return and file charges in Italy. Carter asks his mother if she can give him more information about the rapists? Elaine informs him that the man is rich and white.

    Carter is able to make a few calls and connects his mother with a female attorney Georgina Allred, who may be able to help her deal with this matter via a civil suit.

    Meanwhile, Ridge contemplates telling Katie about his affair with Elaine. But can’t bring himself to do so. He believes that Elaine is more bark than bite. Yet, Katie notices that Ridge’s mind has been elsewhere lately and wonders if he still has feelings for Brooke.

    Elaine meets with Georgina (Sharon Wyatt, ex-Tiffany, GH; ex-Rachel, Passions). There she reveals that Ridge Forrester raped her in Italy. Georgina promises to represent her in a civil suit and set her up with all the counseling she needs.

    Elaine agrees to allow Georgina to represent her in the case yet, Georgina has one request; Elaine is going to need to go public with this so that she has a better chance at winning the case and public sympathy. Elaine states she needs a night to think about it. Georgina understands and says she will need an answer soon.

    After the meeting, Elaine contacts Ridge and tells him she needs to see him immediately. Ridge refuses to meet with her and Elaine gives him a final warning that if he does not comply with her demands, that he will regret it.

    Ridge decides to pay a visit to Elaine’s penthouse apartment. There he tries to get to the heart of what is wrong with Elaine. But she is not interested. She wants the contract and all her demands or he is finished. Ridge again refuses and promises that if she ever contacts him again, he will have a restraining order put out on her.

    As ridge leaves Elaine throws a vase at the door in anger. She then contacts Georgina and agrees to do the press conference.

    Georgina calls a press conference outside of a rape crisis center in L.A. With national and international news there, Elaine puts her plan into action and reveals that Ridge Forrester raped her in Italy. Shock-waves are sent through the fashion industry, tabloids and media alike as this revelation comes to pass.


    Hire Claire Labine to co-headwriter with so that he can become more grounded in reality and less in the world of Passions of the Dark Shadows of Port Charles.


    It needs to pick up the pace a bit and make JJ edgy again. Yet, we’ll have to wait for Kristen’s return to see things really heat up.


    Sally Sussman Morina needs to be brought on as the head writer. She is the only available writer with a history with the show. I’m sure she can turn Hilary into Y&R’s Doreen and Lily into Y&R’s Ruth. She’ll also be able to bring back that business element that is needed on the show in a stronger way. And since she knows these characters, she can write these characters like they are supposed to be written.

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