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    General Hospital Spoilers Week Of 9/5/11:

    ALERT: None of these rumors/spoilers/news have been confirmed by GENERAL HOSPITAL or ABC affiliates.

    *Seems as if two Port Charles residents are a comin’ home! Kelly Sullivan replaces Megan Ward’s Kate Howard on Monday, September 12th as James Franco returns as your neighborhood phycopath on September 26th– just in time for JaSam’s Wedding*

    * Speaking of JaSam’s wedding, If you’re afraid the Quartermaine’s won’t be at the wedding, think again! From multiple sources, we hear Leslie Charleson’s Monica and John Ingle’s Edward WILL be popping up!*

    *Robin Christopher’s Skye Quartermaine leaves Port Charles later this month, expect to see the impact- she leaves on Tracy- ripple across Port Charles for many months to come!*

    *Inside sources tell me that two out of these five actors/actresses: Kimberly McCullough (Robin); Jason Thompson (Patrick); Julie Berman (Lulu); Kelly Monaco (Sam); Johnathon Jackson (Lucky) will be making an exit in the coming months once their respective contracts are up.. We her Kim McCullough and Jason Thompson are the likely candidates…*

    *Stuart Damon (Ex- Alan) WILL be sticking around Port Charles longer than expected! We here Stuart Damon will be returning in a few weeks to tape some scenes with the only surviving members of The Quartermaine family, (Monica/Edward/Tracy/Jason).*

    * I’m not sure if this one is true.. I’m hearing Erin Chambers (Ex- Siohban) might return as another character when Johnathon Jackson’s Lucky returns to Ireland, where he fell in love with his Irish lovey*

    * I’m hearing from multiple sources that Sam’s hands will be filled in the coming months. I’m hearing the wedding will not be gone through with, Sam will be confirmed pregnant, and her father’s true identity will come to light!*

    *Rick Hearst (Ric) could be returning to GH after all! From closed sources, it seems Hearst and GH are in agreements! Could it be true??*

    *Who would you like to see back on General Hospital? Jackie Zeman (Bobbie)? Genie Francis (Laura?) Rick Hearst (Ric)? Quartermaines? Spencers? Scorpios? Possibly a Ms. Rebecca Shaw? And if you were to bring back a character, what story would YOU give them?*

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    Carson – Jasamforever already started a spoilers thread a while back. It might be best to put this info there so we keep it all in one place. Everyone can post things in it, she just happened to start it.

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