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    Brenda is Sonny’s Soulmate! I hate when pople talk about Carly she belongs wiht Jax! Brenda rocks adn Sonny was horribl to her not the other way around! I hav been watchingGH for 30 years! Brenda belongs with Sonny! Luke with Laura, Jason with Sam and Elizabeth with Lucky! I hate when everyon ei ssplit! I like th new Carly but not with Sonny! She rocks with Jax! I have ben waiting for Brenda for years to return! SHE and Sonny rock it! Sam and JAson rock!

    Thak you Brenda lve taht you are back! laire needs to go she is bla!!!!

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    Love the Jason &
    Brenda scenes, I
    Can’t wait to see
    Her come back to
    PC! Also can’t
    Wait for Rebecca
    To come back from
    ML. Can’t wait to
    See what s/l she
    Will have next!!!

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    I like Claire when she’s in scenes with Lucky I even wanted them to get together guess that’s not happening

    I agree with the OP S&B are soulmates I hope Vanessa sticks around for awhile.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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