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    Here is the very first episode of the NBC’s short-lived daytime drama! Could Sally resurrect this? If only she could.

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    I loved “Generations”, especially once James Reynolds joined the soap. I keep saying this is the soap O should bring back. I’d love to see Victoria ROwell’s take as Doreen!

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    Sadly, we will probably NEVER see another daytime soap opera centered around African Americans. Heck, AA characters have to STRUGGLE now to get airtime, and what little airtime they do get is monopolized by mostly MEDIOCRE/HORRIBLE actors (Julie Pace Mitchell, Christel Khalil, Eddie Winslow, Texas Battle……….)

    Of course, there are exceptions, such as Renee Jones, Kristoff St. John and James Reynolds, but soaps seem to be featuring those with limited acting abilities over the ones with REAL talent, and I don’t see that changing anytime soon!!

    I have lost hope that we will ever get back to the GOOD old days of the soap opera…….

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    P.S- David, I hate to be “nitpicky,” but you misspelled “classic” in your title.

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    Oh my goodness! I still remember one cat fight between Doreen and another young black character played by Vivica A. Fox.


    @Soap_Stud: JER never wrote for Generations that was Sunset Beach. This was Sally Sussman Morina’s baby she was the headwriter and Executive Producer of the series. And guess what? It was then Network Exec. Brian (gasph!) Frons who suggested one of the two core families be black to make the show different from other soaps. So he gets credit for something.


    @alstonboy4315: You named the direct actors who can do the job. BET has the rights to Generations and once aired the series back in the 90’s from start to it’s finish if you can call it an end. But you know BET could revamp the show as a 1 hour primetime weekly drama and maybe Sally could help with that. Since they have LML doing a series for them.

    Now who do you need to contact to get that going?

    But yes they rarely use these good actors whom have had years of experience accept for say AMC.

    At least we know before it is all said and done that we had some good actors and actresses in daytime that represented the diversity well and acted their asses off.

    Here is to the sistah’s of daytime:


    @liason4real: I remember that too. It has got to be the best catfight in daytime.

    Doreen: What do you want?!

    Maya: I want to wipe this floor with you!

    Doreen: (kicks her shoes off and hikes up her dress) Come get me BITCH!

    Maya: You think you’re so bad. But i’m not easily to handle gurl. In fact I just might be your wost nightmare.

    Doreen: You have the nerve to come into my house and threaten me? Honey, you don’t even know the meaning of the word “nightmare” until you have tangled with me!


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    @david46208….Thanks for the clip!

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    This was a great show and had one of the best soap openings ever.

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