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    Ok. After Monday’s show, I’m officially DONE with Sabrina. Here’s my list on how to off her:

    10. The Balkan returns, mistakes her for Brenda, and shoots her in the back as she falls into the Port Charles Pier (Sorry all you Brenda haters. Next time perhaps?)
    9. Heather Webber gives her an overdose of Lipitor (medication she takes to control her cholesterol from all those BLTs).
    8. Prince Stavros Nikolai Mikkosovich Cassadine returns and injects her with anti-freeze.
    7. Kay Chancellor comes back from the dead, comes to Port Charles and drives her over a cliff off of Harbor View Road.
    6. Alan Quartermaine’s ghost returns and catches Sabrina in bed with Patrick thinking its Monica and Rick Webber. This time he doesn’t warn anyone when the ceiling comes crashing down!
    5. Ellie brings a dozen donuts to the nurse’s station and Sabrina chokes to death on one of them.
    4. Sabrina is mauled to death by the Jackel in Olivia’s visions.
    3. Lucy Coe has a relapse and stabs Sabrina through the heart with a stake.
    2. Sabrina is killed by mistake by Mr. Wu’s men after borrowing Frisco’s jacket from Maxie.
    1. Sean mistakenly serves her a stack of peanut butter pancakes at Kelly’s laced with poison.

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