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    I’m a big fan of Lulu and Dante, I love their chemistry, but one of these days I hope he tell her to shut the hell up. That or while she’s babbling away just kiss her to shut her up. Either one works.

    Franco and Maxie is WRONG, just WRONG… I never realized so many people don’t like Maxie with Spinelli.

    What do you think of today’s show?

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     WTH everyone is meeting Franco 

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    I know!

    I swear Dante is GH’s best cops in years. The boy can connect dots faster than connect four. Between him and Lucky’s sudden ability to solve crimes the mob might just be brought down. lol

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    LOL. Max and Milo debating how people died. Nice.

    Jane Elliot sighting! Tracy Q just makes any scenes she’s in better.

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     someone needs to fix Tracy hair 

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    LOL it is a bit out there.

    Ohh this stuff with Maxie is creepy.

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    LMAO!!!! Maxie just slapped the hell out of Franco….now he’s trying to pull a fast one on her…or at least that’s what it seems like.

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    I find this stuff with Maxie just wrong — very disturbing.

    At least she mentioned the cruelty involved in the photo shoot as George was killed by a murderer. It reaks of violence against women.

    BTW…I am a Maxie fan and I love her with Spinelli.

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    I’m a Spixie fan too. I’ve always appreciated Maxie’s spunk, but I will admit she isn’t as much of a Vixen as she used to be. That having been said, characters do grow and change with time so she may not need to be, but at the same time I liked Maxie as a bad girl too.

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     Ok I have to say that GH was really good today ..
    it was so creepy ….
    But very good

    I  can say that Maxi acted stupidly today Why did she go with him ??? comon 
    I am really big Spixie fan and I hope after this thing they won’t destroy them ….

    Guzza write good today  yeaaaaaa

    the thoery of opposites
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    Maxie and Franco were hot.  I like dark and twisted as opposed to retarded and childish like another couple I know. *cough*spixie*cough*
    Spinelli and Maxie worked as friends and they should’ve left it there.  Of course we all know that Franco and Maxie won’t be anything longterm but I will enjoy every last minute of the Fraxie hook up and any potential spixie break up.

    good show today.  I like Dante and Lulu as well when she isn’t acting like an idiot and today she wasn’t.  Olivia can drop dead maybe then she can speak to god one on one, well a girl can hope.

    (am I the only one who didn’t know DC had a forum?)

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    Okay, for the first half of the show I wasn’t sure about Franco, but by the second half I fell in love with him.  This is a unique character and I like the chemistry between Franco and KS. 

    Also really enjoy Dante and Lulu anyday, and that Jasam kiss was hot!

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    I just have to say I am thrilled the forums are back up.  going to lurk around and check them out.  Please tell me the great sam vs. lame liz thread is still up and running LOL

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    I haven’t watched the episode yet, but I want Franco to break up Spixie, I HAVE NEVER liked Spixe, and i have been rooting for M&M since DAY ONE but unfortunately they hate Matt soooooooo that’s not happening, but I want something to happen to break up Spixie and just allow them to be the friends that they should be..

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      I like Spixie as well, but I don’t think they know what to do with them right now. Franco is only around for a short time and so I doubt his flirtation with Maxie will have a long term affect. I am with all of you though he don’t believe that Maxie would so quickly turn to him. Perhaps if there was a build up, but not this quickly. Like Luke I like the vixen Maxie, and she has been missing in action for far too long. 

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    Why are Spixie getting thrown under the bus for James Franco? It would have made more sense if he banged Carly. At least she’s having marital problems. I guess they are going to bring up problems out of nowhere foe Spinelli & Maxie…great.

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