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    • LewLew has it out with Nikolas
    • Steven is supportive of Elizabeth
    • Mac & the new Chocolate Cop get closer to finding out who killed Claudie
    • Sonny wants to pin Claudia’s murder on Franco
    • Michael relives killing Claudia at the ski cabin
    • Lisa & Patrick have a moment

    …and so much more. Discuss today’s GH here.

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    UGH!!!  Hate Patrick and Lisa!  WTH is up with this crazy bitch?  Back off off Patrick, ho’!

    Glad Michael got out of that cabin before (another) screw came loose!

    Loved the Lulu scenes today.  I love that girl more all the time.

    THANK GOD, LUCKY FINALLY SEE’S NIZ WITH HIS OWN EYES!!  And realizes it ain’t just NIK who’s betraying him.

    I WANT Jocelyn!  Beautiful baby!

    EET- by MY count, 8 shots today.  Woulda been MORE, but no Maxie saying, "ME!"  LOL

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    8 shots??  Lizard must have been on a bit of a break from her lying.  LOL  Still  8 shots I would be in an alcohol induced coma lOL

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    I haven’t watched today’s show yet…it’s been a crazy day!  Lol what did I miss?  Did Lucky actually see Liz and Nik together?  For real?!?  Please, please, please…is it almost over?  Will Lucky finally realize the truth?!  Haha!

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    Yeah, it was a SLOW day.
    It was between Sonny telling Jason to "be reasonable" about Franco and LizzieBorden lying!
    If Maxie woulda showed up, I would be SLEEPING right now………..LOL

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    Hey, EET!

    What if we add every time Liz says, "I didn’t mean to hurt(you, him,her,them,everybody, anybody…)"
    Her and Sonny got me to 7 shots before the half hour was over!
    Thank god I was shooting creme soda! LOL
    Liz musta said that 10 times today…

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    I’ve heard rumors that Rebecca’s pregnancy will be written into the Niz/Lucky storyline.  Sigh…………

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    WOO HOO…bring on the WTD story.  Please Santa I will be good all year if Jake turns out to be Lucky’s, the new baby turns out to be Niks, and the whole town finds out that every time Lizard gets preggers she has to test the entire male population for dna.  LOL

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    That baby better be Lucky’s!!!!!!!

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    I miss Sarah Brown!!!!! Saw her on B&B, but I kept expecting her to act like Claudia, and when she didn’t, I quickly lost interest……..(GROAN!!!)

    Lulu needs to stop screaming at people!! How old is she??? Twenty-something or 2?????? And nobody ever yells back at her or puts her in her place????? Is the whole damn town scared of her???? Where is a silver bullet when you need one?? JOKING, people. Don’t send me nasty responses!!!

    How big of a waste of time was Franco???? I liked the story, and then they ended it in such a PREDICTABLE fashion!!! Guza dropped the ball with that one.

    Please ship that Lisa chick outta’ town!!! I am not feeling the character or the actress that plays her. I go by the two strikes rule, people….not three!!

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