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     On today’s show, Sonny questions Dante’s interest in him & Olivia; Lisa makes more Scrubs fans mad by simply being on the show; Coleman makes an appearance and people swoon, and various other sundry topics…

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    Can Carolyn Hennesy NOT do anything? She sounded damn good singing "Signed, Sealed, Delivered"! it was very lounge-esque but AWESOME!

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    Awwww, today was sweet!  We got a romantic montage in the end. 
    I really enjoyed the show.  I don’t find Ethan attractive AT ALL but when he is onstage singing & dancing?  Wheew, I wanna jump him, he is so hot.  Damn musicians!

    I want Carly and Sonny back together they were so sweet in the montage and I want Spixie broken up, I really can’t stand them and I love Maxie.  Free Maxie!!!


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    Lisa makes more Scrubs fans mad by simply being on the show…

    Amen to THAT!!!!  At least I felt bad for hating Leyla.  Lisa – not so much.

    This episode was gggrrrrrreat!  And the Sonny/Carly sweetness didn’t slip by me, either.  Good times.

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    I liked todays show with all the "acts" getting up on stage. I was not a Ethan fan hated him for being written as Lukes son but I am slowly starting to like him. I like his singing and I like him with Kristina (they just need to age or get an actress that looks a little older) if they plan a GF/BF relationship with these two. Thought he and Lisa look cute so far.

    As I am not a Robin & Patrick fan (being together I mean) I like each character but not as a couple. I don’t see what Lisa is doing wrong. She is an old friend. She has not made any moves on Patrick that I can see. Matt asked her to Thanksgiving dinner not Patrick.

    Can Robin have male friends but Patrick can’t have female friends? I guess I don’t see the problem as why is it that  any one male or female cannot ever come between Robin and Patrick? Why are they golden and cannot have the classic soap opera cheating spouse? They are a soap opera couple who should have problems.

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    Marezi, I don’t think anyone would argue that Lisa has done anything wrong; I personally hate her on principle, LOL.

    This Scrubs fan is hostile to Lisa because I read her presence in PC as the writing on the wall that it is.  It’s not like General Hospital (the actual hospital) is short staffed or anything, so the fact that she is here and constantly wanting to take trips down memory lane is a clear sign that the end of Scrubs is near.

    It’s not as if Robin would be crazy to be jealous.  Just a short time ago, when Robin was confiding in her boyfriend from another lifetime (Jason), Patrick was seething.  This tells me that he is concerned about the tendency of former lovers to take nostalgic trips down memory lane.

    I’m not sure I understand why fans of a couple should be rooting for angst or a breakup OF THAT COUPLE.  IMO, to be a fan of a couple means that you want them to be happy.  If Robin and Patrick are blown apart –  even temporarily – for a Lisa/Patrick pairing, then they’re not happy.

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