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    • Jasam fans rejoice!
    • Liason fans puke.

    Discuss today’s show here, along with other stories like…

    • Rebecca says a poisoned goodbye to Elizabeth..without spilling the beans to Lucky
    • Who IS that man on Rebecca’s plane?
    • Sonny spends quality time with Michael, Kristina and Morgan
    • Carly spends quality time with Jax
    • Dante & Jason get another clue about Franco’s intentions from Ronnie

    Let the battle begin anew!

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    Be nice JBJ LOL

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    I love Jasam soooooooooooo excited for today- Liason is horrible and boring i cant belive they still have fans since Liz has turned out to be a two timer

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    I’m going to have to wait until tonight to watch the ep. I’m all giddy over the JaSam ILYs!!!

    As for Embecca’s "poisoned good-bye" to Liz… ah, if only that were literal – as in…a poisoned dart to Liz’s neck or perhaps arsenic in her lip gloss…

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    My favorite scene from today’s episode Olivia, Sonny and Dante eating together as a "family." I can not wait until Dante and Sonny find out they are father and son.

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    Yeah Olivia popping over Sonny’s house asking about a bill.  WHAT? As rich as Sonny is, I know he has accounts to pay his bills for him.  I don’t see Sonny writing checks paying his bills.

    What about Johnny Olivia.  I hate that hag.  Then I had to witness that Lois wannabe talking to Sonny about the old days.  So are we to believe Sonny (who was 15) was asking FakeLois mother for cooking receipes? Whatever.
    Solivia makes my kidneys shutdown.  I need dialysis after watching them.

    So glad that JaSam scene was like 5 seconds long.  At least TIIC knows how tmuch screentime they need.

    Loved Chad.  Great seeing him back.  Too bad it was wasted. Zander was great with AT’s Emily not NL’s Emily.  They had no chemistry and was just awful.  I know Zander is really alive. He needs to come back.

    Hey Cam.  You are so cute. Good LL2 scenes.

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    What was the point of Rebecca’s last scene? I didn’t get it. They should have had her tell Lucky the truth and then take the next flight out of Port Charles. Well, at least she’s gone!

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    Big Dede Did you notice where the JaSam ILY was placed?? At the end, so that people would stay tuned in for the entire episode.  And did y’all notice the tree of people Jason cares about….lulu, dante, maxie even those three made the list. Lizard – not so much.

    And wow, Twitchabeth trading on Emily’s memory to keep her secret – i was wondering if Emily was spinning in her grave at that (actually probably not since she knows her BFF kept the only gun and sat in safety and sent Emily off to her death – probably by now if Emily is pulling a "Lovely Bones" nothing surprises her about her so called BFF anymore)

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    Damn, just when I think Skankabeth can"t get any LOWER…SURPRISE!  Her pulling out the Em card today was vile!

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    Twitchabeth!!! LOL!!!

    the thoery of opposites
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    Once again I agree with everything you said. The idea of Olivia and Sonny together is just boring. I like Dante, but would rather never see Olivia and Sonny in a scene together ever again. And I am not much of a fan of either one on their on.

    As for Zander, if only he could come back. 

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    EET, of course Liz picture wouldn’t be on that tree. She is out of his life and has no contact with him.  So Franco wouldn’t know if Liz meant anything to him or that Jake is his son.  Liz made sure Jake’s life wouldn’t be in danger.

    Also if I were to sneeze for a second, I would have missed that whole JaSam ILY scene.  But they were smart enough to put it by the faux NEM reunion since more people wanted to see Chad again.  So it’s good they got to piggyback on that scene.

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    BigDede I couldnt agree more…there are tons more fake Zander/fake Emily fans running around than there are JaSam fans.  Next you are going to try and sell me a bridge in Brooklyn.

    I love Zander, I wish there were more zander fans, would love to see CB  come back or for him to go to OLTL to be a recast Joey.   More Zander fans would mean more people disgusted by how LiRic did him wrong.  The return of Zander would mean Cam finding out that Lizard hit him with a pipe and left him to die and then her husband ordered the cops to fire on him.  Maybe he now he would turn out to be gay then he could bring out the gay in Lucky and they  could raise Cam together.  Jake could go and be with JaSam and Lizard would be free to bask in the glory of being Nik’s balcony bimbo.

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    I thought CB was quite charming on the the plane.  I started watching GH again full time literally when Zander was shot.  I missed Zander completely.  I wonder if they plan to recast Rebecca eventually??

    ILY were basic and non-dramatic.  Soooo what I prefer when it comes to Jasam.

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    EET-  Add Balcony Bimbo to your nickname list!   it!

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    BigDede, Liz made sure Jake’s life wouldn’t be in danger??? Not exactly, lol. It was Jason who told Liz that it was over between them, for good.  Later on Liz told Lucky that if Jason hadn’t have ended it, then she would have. Of course, we’ll never know for sure will we? She knew her children’s lives would be in danger, yet she continuously chased Jason around, refused to leave his office when Karpov showed up, told Jason that she knew her kids were at risk, but said being with him was "worth the risk."  According to Liz, letting Jason have a relationship w/ Jake (or even letting Monica know about Jake) wasn’t worth the risk, but getting laid was worth the risk.

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    EET, there is this beautiful bridge located in Brooklyn that’s directly below this huge JaSam flag that I can sell to you for the low asking price of 2.00. Better buy before it’s too late.


    Hey getting laid doesn’t get you a bullet in the head.  But being Jason’s son might.  So Liz made the right choice.  Get some booty but don’t let your kids get in harm’s way.  She’s so smart.

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    No getting laid gets you shot at by Russians and your kid Jakenapped. Thats smart??

    Hey be happy, boinking Nik might only get her thrown off a cliff by Niksadick’s grandma.  Hey I can dream cant I (imagining lizard flying through the air and then SPLAT!!!)

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    BigDede, Liz’s relationship with Jason DID put her kids in harms way.  The Russian mobsters attacked the family and kidnapped Jake because of Liz’s relationship with Jason.  Sasha told Liz that.  Liz wanted to have a romantic relationship with Jason, Jason said no because it would put the kids in danger, Liz said she didn’t care because it was worth the risk.  Jake got kidnapped.  It wasn’t that Liz didn’t think boinking Jason wouldn’t be dangerous, it’s that She Didn’t Care - and she said that repeatedly.

    And as for getting laid not getting you a bullet in the head, hmmm…what about Kate???

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    Daisy you are on FIYA today!!!

    (And I am still smiling thinking about Helena turning a certain someone into a Splatabeth)

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    No getting laid gets you shot at by Russians and your kid Jakenapped.

    No getting laid gets you shot at by Russians and your kid Jakenapped. getting laid can also get a car blown up with you and your unborn child in it. like sonnys first wife.  it can get you kidnapped by a rival family….like brenda.

    or it can get you shot in the back, just because you were in a mobsters arms, or it can get your kid shot in the head, just for being in the wrong place at the wrong time…………………………………It’s a risk that anyone who is in that life takes. But Carly took that risk. Lily took that risk. Robin took that risk. Courtney took that risk. Sam continues to take that risk. And if JaSam has their miracle baby, they will continue to take that risk.

    Elizabeth got a wake up call, and eliminated the risk to her children.

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    Liz was well aware of the danger, especially after Michael got shot. Sleeping with Jason was worth risking her children’s lives. She said, "It’s worth the risk."  And Liz did NOT eliminate the risk to her children. Jason did. As usual, Liz wanted what she wanted and didn’t care who got hurt.

    There’s a big difference between Sam and Liz and their attitudes towards the "danger." Liz knew full well that Jason could not protect the kids and that it was possible they would get hurt, and she was "willing to take the risk." Sam on the other hand truly believes that she and Jason could protect their child.  For better or worse, Sam is full of bravado – it’s one of the best things about her, but it’s also a flaw. They’re both wrong in their thinking, but the difference is that Liz is willing to risk her kids’ lives, while Sam believes her kids truly would be safe.  But we’ll see what happens once our JaSam miracle baby comes :)

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    Miracle baby  lol.  I can’t think of a couple who deserves a miracle baby more than JaSam!  One day…

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    JASAM FAMILY 2010 

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    I think this is the point where I might just hurl…

    I don’t mind either one of them having children, just not together.  This is not in my Jasam comfort zone!  LOL…

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    I finally watched the JaSam/ILY — Awesome!! I got all teary eyed, especially when they started playing their song. *Sigh*

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