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    • Carly & Jax prepare a Christmas celebration Michael & Morgan
    • Robin & prepare a Christmas celebration for Emma’s first
    • Luke & Ethan share in the Christmas spirit at the Haunted Star
    • Maxie & Lulu’s apartment is ridiculously over-decorated for someone on their salary
    • Spinelli strives to prove to Maxie that everything is OK

    …and much, much more! Discuss today’s show right here!

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    I really enjoy these light hearted episodes of GH. It”s really cute so far.

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    FIRST OFF, RIIPPP OOFFFFF!!!       No JaSam today!  Liason fans rejoice.  LOVED the portrait the kids and Jax gave Carly.  Hate him but had to give him props for that.  BEAUTIFUL!  I wanted to cry for Spin all epi!  And SMACK Mac when he came over and started with him.  UGH!  Loved the Spencer Xmas.  LOVED the Davis girls(everybody in BLACK except for beautiful Molly!)  Max and Diane, "Your children are PERFECT!"  when Max showed up.  I miss the Xmas story reading at the hospital.      But mostly happy today!

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    See this is a day that I hate the editors of this show.  Yesterday JaSam at the end of the epi, you almost expect a little something more today and BAM nothing (not that I cared that there was nothing).  Sam is with her fam (which I like) but you’d think the girl would still be on cloud nine to make it back so fast for family dinner

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    Ravennite ICAM – lousy editing.

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    I thoroughly enjoyed today’s Christmas episode and seeing everyone’s families gathering together.

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    Luke, even Sam’s??  Hmmm could you be warming up to her for the holidays???

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    I really enjoyed today’s episode. When it started off with CarJax, i was kind of ‘meh, i hope they aren’t in it a lot’, but they ended up being my favorite part. I loved when Carly tricked Morgan. And when she fell off the roof and everyone jumped up,lol.

    Patrick&Robin continue to be adorable and amazing.

    I really enjoyed Spixie today as well. This is the first time since the fallout that they’ve had a real, serious discussion. I wanted to strangle Mac with my bare hands with the way he treated Spinelli. Ugh. I was glad they brought up Georgie, even if it was manipulative.

    LOVED the Spencers <3 Great Luke and Lucky stuff at The Haunted Star. And I loved when Lucky placed the angel on the tree. [I realize it’s not popular opinion, but I like Ethan. I just wish he’d get a shave and a haircut.] 

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    Sad Rebecca couldn’t even tell Ethan goodbye.   Has anyone noticed that around Kristina, Ethan looks like he took a bath?  Kristina is like Irish Springs around that boy.

    Loved all the Spencer scenes.  Luke and Lucky were just awesome at the Haunted Star.  I really loved Luke kissing Tracy as if to let her know that she was the woman for him when the kids was putting Laura’s angel on the tree.

    Liz and Jake looked so cute all cozy on the couch.

    The whole thing with the CarJax family left me confused.  Okay one minute Dexter Jr is killing folks and going around threatening people and now he’s going to church and taking family portaits?  I guess because it’s the holidays in PC, Dexter Jr. heart comes out. 

    I really like Patrick and Robin together too bad super annoying Lisa had to pop up.  Where the freak is that DA friend of hers. Why can’t that ho hang out with her!

    Mac and Alexis looked cute although to me it seems like NLG is trying her hardest not to have chemistry with Mac.

    Free Maxie.


    I agree with the fact I also miss the reading of the story at the hospital and Mac I most defintely wanted to slap him saying everything was Spinelli’s fault when he has no idea I loved the spencers coming together, and Carly falling off the roof was priceless the portrait was so sweet:) and Jax and Carly’s litle girl looked so adorable with her little outfit:)  Emma and Patrick and Robin yes adorable as ever:) sucks they could not get their alone time lol.. but all in all oh and Ethan reading to the kids was so sweet tooo:) it was a good one:) and I love Ethan he is so sexy but he does need a haircut and shave:)
    a fan always,Renee’

    the thoery of opposites
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    HERE IS MY XMAS SHOPPING LIST FOR PORT CHUCK!  FEEL FREE TO ADD YOUR OWN!                                      For Sam- a diamond star necklace                                                                                                                                                  For Carly- kleats!                                                                                                                                                                                    For Dante’- a clue                                                                                                                                                                                  For Lucky- a GOOD woman                                                                                                                                                               For Jake- A black leather jacket to match Dad’s                                                                                                                        For Mac and Alexis- book "Dating For Dummies"                                                                                                                           For Diane- Spinelli as a son                                                                                                                                                              For Nik- a soul                                                                                                                                                                                        For Liz- condoms!                                                                                                                                                                                  For Robin and Patrick- a visit from FAISON!! (Ya KNOW I had to get him in there!)                                                                 Other ideas anybody?  I’m pretty sure EET will think of a few things!                                                                                          LOVE AND HAPPINESS TO EVERYBODY AT CHRISTMAS!                                                                                                        JaSam Forever!

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    Loved todays epi.  My girl Carly is so damn cool.  Loved that her kids are just a chip off carly’s block – everyone looking for hidden loot.

    Loved all the Spencer scenes save one. Hated when Twitchibeth walked in a saw tracy.  Why must she always look at people that way.  GRRR>  Agree with Big Dede about the Lacey kiss – love those two together, but then again I like Tracy in just about any scene she is in.  Love that she had to put Ethan in his place to cover up that yes she has come to love him.

    I think Ethan was one of the most improved characters over this year.  I dont like that his Spencer DNA means Luke and Holly hooked up, but the actor has finally won me over

    Loved the Scrubs lovey dovey stuff.

    Maxie looked beautiful and loved how she dressed up the apartment, but I hated how sad those scenes were.  Spin also looked good today…I think that he suffers from the same issues as Ethan, I like him so much better cleaned up like he was today.  And while I didnt like Mac yelling at Spin, I did like very much that he always takes his daughters side – as he should.

    Davis family Christmas.  Okay I Flove Sam, but honestly who in the hell did KeMo and NLG piss off in wardrobe?  Di looked beautiful.  Loved the throw away line between Mac and Max – too funny.  I loved the way the sisters are always smiling about their little secrets!!! 

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    EET – "Loved all the Spencer scenes save one. Hated when Twitchibeth walked in a saw tracy.  Why must she always look at people that way.  GRRR"

    What about how nasty she spoke to Ethan when he brought gifts for both the adults and the "joeys"?

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    Why does she always look at people that way?  Cuz she THINKS she is better than everyone else.

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