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     • Patrick & Robin plan a date night….sure to be interrupted by Lisa….

    …and the show was interrupted by a "special news brief" statement by the President about the Christmas attempted terror attack, so no further info is available.

    For those of you who will see the rest of the show after the press conference is over, via, DVR, or SoapNet, feel free to discuss today’s episode here. 

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    Damn it, Obama, I am TRYIN to watch GH, talk to me later!  Priorities!    The Davis girls plotting was great!  I could not love Molly more!  I think she has a crush on Mac!  She had the greatest lines of the day: "Mac is PERFECT!" and, "What has CHEMISTRY done for you lately?"  Damn, I love that girl! 

    Loved Scrubs anniversary, especially cuz LISA didn’t knock on the door as she was busy driving Olivia off the rails!

    Loved LuLu and Dante’, they are so cute.  Loved it when Maxie said to her, "You’re SWOONING!"   

    Loved seeing Sam smile (over sis’/Alexis drama).  NO scenes with JaSam together, so look people, Sam DOES have a life outside of Jason!  She was SMOKIN HOT at the end when she got in the hot tub and I thought, "THAT’S how Franco is going to get her?"  DAYUM!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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