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    • Spinelli tries to talk sense into Jason
    • Franco kidnaps Sam and uses her for bait to lure Jason into his trap
    • Dominick takes Lew Lew to the opera
    • Michael gets stopped by the cops
    • Johnny walks in on Olivia & Sonny having a moment…

    ….And. So. Much. More. Discuss todays GH right here in DC’s spanking new forums!

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    I know I’m in the minority, but I’m not feeling DomiDante and Lulu. They’re just very blah to me, plus I never liked Lulu.

    Sooo not interested in Sonny/Olivia/Johnny.

    Skipped most of Lucky’s stuff because he’s boring the crap out of me.

    I’m slightly amused by Michael acting like a jerk, but it’s wearing a bit thin…

    Hmmm… don’t have many positive things to say about today’s ep. Well, I am looking forward to Jason opening up a can of whoopass on Franco for messing with our girl Sam! Oh and I loved Maxie’s lipstick, lol

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    How many times has Sam been kidnapped since she’s been in PC?  It’s getting old……

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    Not sure, but Jake’s been kidnapped twice and he’s only 2, lol!!!

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    hey. you aren’t an official PC resident unless you have been

    1. kidnapped
    2. presumed dead…..OR…………
    3. almost died

    if you haven’t had atleast one of those things happen to you, then you are seriously out of the loop. :)

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    jlj, LOL!

    I adore Lulu with Dante!  It the 1st pairing she’s had that really works.  I like her some with Logan before he went all nutso.  She was whiny as hell with Johnny.

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    "a miracle baby for Sam in the New Year" — from your keyboard to the Soap Gods’ eyes megana! That’s one soap cliche I can get behind, lol

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    No miracle baby!  BLECH! 

    **I think we need a ‘puking’ smiley.

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    If Sam  had Jason’s baby, they would have to have Jason break out his box of pain and there would be endless talk of danger.  Please no!!!

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    I agree we need a pukin smiley…I am sure there some niz sex coming up after all :0)

    ActuallyI hope a miracle baby is some time off.  I like the idea of having a story all about sam ie the rumored Paternity story as well as being a support to Kristina re: Kiefer.  I need to see the couple bond more before its all about baby.  We have lizard for all those endless unplanned baby storylines anyway

    the thoery of opposites
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    this is good enough for me, lol


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