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    • Lucky informs Nick he’s ending his engagement to Liz
    • Sonny continues to butt into Johnny & Olivia’s bidness
    • Jason continues to try to get the goods on Franco
    • Maxie frets about the truth coming out…

    ….and more. Discuss today’s episode with abandon!

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    Jax needs to SHUT THE HELL UP! Someone needs to wipe that smug look of his face! I’m sure there would be a line around the corner of people willing to do it!

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    I would be so happy about Lucky calling off the engagement if I didn’t know what the spoilers were for next week


    Why isn’t Olivia gone yet? Free Johnny please free him.

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     Ok!  Normally I stick up for Jax but he is getting more and more annoying with his eagerness to get rid of Sonny.   Carly will not appreciate this when she finds out and she will find out.  Of course she’ll side with Sonny.  And how interesting to see kate dropin on Sonny for no real reason.  Will she be the one to tell him about Dante!?   And sorry Sam and Spinelli but Maxi did serve to be yelled at by Jason and so much more.  Jonathan Jackson I love you but your Lucky is way too soft.  He looks like a kid next to Jax and Nicolas.  I miss Greg Vaughan! There i said it!

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    I always disliked Liz but now I friggin’ HATE her! 

    Maxie definitely deserved to get yelled at by Jason, she was annoying the crap out of me and I love Maxie.  Yet more reason to get her away from Spinelli.  I want another Fraxie sex scene.

    Everytime Olivia is on, I just hear bla bla bla bla.  To me she is the stereotypical soap actress, her delivery her looks everything.  i can’t stand her.

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    I just HATE how they’re re-writing storyline re:SKate in favor of SOlivia……that entire conversation annoyed me to now end. It’s amazing how they can change this so much after a year. When is Lisa’s contract up?????

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    I agree even though I love Maxie she sure does need to step up and tell all she remembers she is old enough to learn by her mistakes and lawdy this girl just does not learn. Jason had a right to question her Spin should be questioning her also. His little radar should be going off but he never sees what is in front of his eyes only what is on his computer.

    I cannot believe Liz (and I was laying off her this week). Well I was jumping up and down when she day dreamed Lucky threw money at her and clapping and cheering that she said she never felt this way like she does with Nik with anyone (Poor jason doesn’t even compete) …goodness gracious but this girl is something else. .Liz has 2 ….count them TWO ONS kids..married 4 times has had many sexual partners so what is this shyt she is talking about, she spread her legs and did the deed with Lucky, Zander, Ric, Jason, and now Nikolas..but she never felt this before feeling till Nik? whaaaaHaaaaa

    Everytime Olivia is on, I just hear bla bla bla bla. 

    I so agree. She does just drone on and on. Just like that dang mosquito that you never see but is waiting to bite you and suck your blood. Johnny is so wasted on her.

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    Married 4 times to the same 2 guys.

    I truly understood what Liz was saying.  She closed a part of her after that rape and Nik awakened that passion in her.

    She enjoyed having sex with all her partners. Her and Ric were so loving with each other. But that closed part after her rape, Nik bought out of her.  She has this passion that she has never felt before.  But she feels it’s wrong because she should be feeling that with Lucky and not Nik, her oldest friend. That’s why she thinks Lucky can help heal what’s wrong with her.  I loved it.

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    Its nice that Nik can open up all the closed parts of her post rape  – given that he cheated on Emily when she didnt get over her rape fast enough to suit his needs, lord knows what he would have done if he realized that Lizard still suffers from that tragedy.

    (somebody reminded me of that about a month ago and I really wish they hadnt)

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