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    • Jocelyn is christened
    • Olivia panics
    • Jax prepares
    • Carly celebrates
    • Lucky stews
    • Elizabeth apologizes
    • Luke understands
    • Lulu stands up
    • Lady Jane returns
    • Jason plots
    • Ronnie questions
    • Dante reveals
    • Sonny pulls the trigger

    Discuss today’s heavily hyped, explosive episode here!

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    I had not been so excited to watch an episode of GH in years!  DZ and MB were spot on in their acting.  Even Olivia’s reaction to Sonny shooting Dante was perfect.  I can’t wait for this to unfold next week.

    Don’t want Carly and Jax to split.  I just don’t want to go down THAT road again!

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    It was an amazing episode. i loved the way the scenes were slit  and bended between the christening and the shooting! I agree that MB and DZ were both phenomenal! And the final Sonny/Dante/Olivia scene could not have been more perfectly acted, directed etc… it was fabulous!

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    What I hated about this whole arrest storyline is that:
    1) They got the piece of blood stained shirt from Sonny’s fireplace ILLEGALLY.
    2) Claudia, Jason, Carly, Sam could have ALL had a strand of Sonny’s hair on them that fell off at the cabin.  Seriously?  All the people that were at the cabin and a single strand of Sonny’s hair is found?
    3) Dante is undercover BUT CARRIES HIS BADGE IN HIS POCKET???
    4) Dante’s cover is blown and no one warns him?  Jax just let’s it play out?
    5) The FEDS let Dante dictate that the person they are arresting have a nice family moment before they arrest him?
    6) No one ever checked Dominic’s past?  He’s from Sonny’s home town, as is Oliva and Dante and no one checked to see who Dante was or if he knew Olivia?
    7) The audience has known from day 1 Maurice isn’t going anywhere so it’s been anticlimatic for me as a storyline.

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    1)  I agree, far as I know they did not have search warrant

    2) If they found the hair at the cabin then it could be Dantes as his DNA would be pretty damn close to Sonny’s. Also I do not remember Sonny going into the cabin. I thought he showed up after they burned it and buried Claudia

    3) I think Dante had his badge this one time with him becaue the arrest was suppose to be going down soon. Has he had the badge before? I thought Ronnie gave him his badge in the hospital while he was laid up after the Carnival and that is when Lulu found out he was a cop

    4) Jax should have told him but the only other ones that knew his cover was blown was Jason and Sonny right? well they wouldn’t tell him and they wouldn’t tell Mac and Milo because they like Dante to much Jason found that out when they were telling him how great he was cause he brought coffee for them..(idiots). Spin wouldn’t say anything as he is Jasons twin or son.

    5) Yes it seems Dante is in charge and gets to say when the arrest was going down. But it was his investigation right? they would at least take that into consideration wouldn’t they?

    6)  Check Dantes past?? They probably did. Remember Sonny had Jason check Sams past and it was Carly that found out about the step mother dying in the fire and that was all. They did not find anything about these spare husbands Sam has had in her past nor even knew she had a brother. Tracey found out all of that stuff.

    7) I am just hoping they will send Sonny to jail for a while and he can share his cell with Papa "Z". Erica kane (AMC) was sent away for her piddly "crime" I think Sonny can sit some days "in the corner, for his timeout" and being naughty

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    Friday’s cliffhanger was very anticlimatic for me because I saw what happens in the promo about 500 times! I wish the PR department hadn’t revealed so much.

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    Everyone is being so ridiculous trying to find out who’s fault it is for shooting Dante. But the thing is….more than one person contributed.

    It’s most defenitely Sonny’s fault. He shot a cop…..knowing he was a cop…..and knowing he would probably caught. Murder under special circumstances!!!!!

    It’s also Olivia’s fault. I actually don’t blame her at all for not wanting Sonny in Dante’s life, but she should have told the cops or ANYONE to get him off the case. She knew it was a threat to his life, and she took the ris anyway….until the last possible second when the chief of police really couldn’t do anything because they already got a warrent.

    Don’t forget that cop. Even f Dante was already on the case…..they had a warrant for Sonny’s arrest and it doesn’t HAVE to be Dante to bring him down. He should have taken Dante off the case as soon as possible.

    Ronnie also helped the plot by LISTENING to Dante and holding off Sonny’s arrest. AND FOR WHAT??? "ONE LAST GOOD DAY?"
    there’s actually a million people who contributed to the shooting. These are only the main ones. Comment plz.

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