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    GH has been on fire this year! 2012 baby! The Manning in Port Charles, Franco a Quartermaine, Psycho Kate/Connie, McBain vs. the Mob, and Johnny is Claudia’s son!!! OMG!!!
    Michael killed Johnny’s mom, now Johnny is banging Michael’s mom! More great storylines to come too!!!!
    I am sooooo glad that ABC renewed GH that I comprised a list of my top 5 storyline suggestions for 2013:

    Jake Didn’t Die, and neither did AJ!

    I know that Luke ran over Jake and killed him. What if this weren’t true? What if Helena Cassidine helped AJ Quartermaine fake his death? What if The two conspired a plan to get revenge on their enemies by kidnapping Jake and staging his death in order to raise him, brainwash him, and train him to destroy the Spencers, the Corinthos’, and Jason! We all know about Helena’s plans to get revenge on the Spencers. AJ was so mad at Jason for keeping Michael away from him all those years and decided to take his son from him, and raise him to hate him, just as Jason raised Michael (With Carly and Sonny’s help) to hate AJ.
    I figured since Drew Garrett (Ex-Michael) looked so much like Steve Burton (Jason), they could bring him back to play a SORASed Jake Spencer. He’s a talented actor, but I do admit he needs to lift more weights in order to hang with the other dudes on the show. Bring Sean Kanan Back as AJ. He was the best AJ, plus, he looks more like Chad Duell (Michael).
    Jake would be so remorseful and disgruntle! Bring Kristina to help him find his way, and learn how to love! ;) Sonny would be pissed at Jason’s crazy son spending time with his daughter! Sonny and Jake would exchange heated words with each other! This could lead to tension between Jason and Sonny!!!!!! Michael and Dante would be sooooo pissed by this. This would cause major tension between Michael and Jake! Jake would resent Michael because Jason chose Michael over him by letting everyone believe that he was Lucky’s son. :O

    Michael becomes an alcoholic!

    Let’s say Johnny and Starr start to get to know each other a little more. Then, they sleep with each other! Carly would be hurt by Johnny’s betrayal, and be furious at Starr for cheating on her son! Michael would be traumatized! Like his biological dad, he will turn to the bottle in order to find comfort, lash out at everyone about what happened with him and Starr, and push everyone near and dear to him away. AJ would come back to try and help him due to the fact that the subject hits close to home, but Michael pushes him away too since he can’t preach to him about what to do. Maxie would be the only one that he would talk to. Then, one night, she and Michael have drunken! Afterwards, she learns she is pregnant! Is it Matt or Michael’s baby? Baby Daddy Drama 2013! ;)

    Morgan realizes he is gay!

    Let’s say Morgan comes back to Port Charles, and starts interacting with people. He then meets Molly boyfriend named Greg. He and Greg start spending time together, and then one day, while playing basketball, Morgan realized he is turned on while guarding Greg and the two nearly kiss! Greg starts to feel something from their close encounter and soon, the two young men start a secret affair! Molly will walk in on the two in an embrace one day and be heartbroken. TJ will help ease her pain. Eventually, she will forgive the two and encourage them to come out the closet. Could you imagine Sonny’s reaction to finding out he has a gay son?!

    Dr. Keenan is Robert Scorpio and Holly Sutton’s son!

    Let’s say that Holly had a baby in 1986, 2 or 3 years before she had Ethan. The baby was a boy, and he was born in the home of Sir John Jacks and Lady Jane Jacks in Australia. Lulu stumbles upon this information and decides to share with Dante. Elizabeth will eavesdrop on the two having a conversation about this matter in the hospital one day. Unaware that he has ties to the Jacks family, she goes and shares what she has her with her beau, Dr. Keenan. Once he gets wind that Holly is back in town to see Luke, he pays Holly a visit and demands to know about the baby that was born at the Jacks house that night of 1986! She tells him that she gave birth to him, making them mother and son. He then asks her why she was at the Jacks house. Is he Jax or Jerry’s son? She tells him that they are his uncles and she is their sister. He then asks who his father is. She tells him, Robert Scorpio!!! This would give Robert and Holly the kid that solidifies them as a supercouple, Robin would have a brother, Jax and Jerry would have a sister and nephew, and Ethan would be half-brothers with a man he despises, and Josselyn would be his first cousin and at the same time, first cousin once removed thanks to Luke! Juicy stuff huh?

    Ethan Returns to help Lulu

    In the event of finding out about the truth about Dr. Keenan’s birth, Ethan comes back to town to see Luke, talk to his Holly before she takes off, and then learns Lulu is pregnant and is about to give birth. She has a daughter, but she is born with anemia. This would mean she would need blood. Ethan comes back to see if he is a match for baby Angela. Turns out he is, and he ends up saving the day. This would sorta make Dante be a little grateful to him. After all, he did save his kid. ;) Once Kristina gets wind of Ethan being back, this could cause some trouble in the camp for Jake!

    Please give me your thoughts and insight about these possible suggestions. Feel free to share your story suggestions as well! ;)

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