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    • Lisa continues to make funny faces at Patrick & Robin
    • Jason confronts Johnny
    • Luke confronts Nikolas
    • Elizabeth goes to the Haunted Star and has memories of her rape
    • Another brother comforts Liz
    • Maxie & Spinelli continue trying to repair the damage

    There is more to the story. Discuss today’s episode here!

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    When Luke learns how to keep his OWN pants on—-and zipped up—-then he might be entitled to stand in judgment of Nikolas’ infidelity!!!! Actually, I think Luke’s right to have an opinion about ANYONE’S infidelities expired when he cheated on Laura!!!!!Having illegitimate kids, leaving town without explanation or warning, and getting drunk out of boredom and self-pity does NOT make you a good father!!!

    Speaking of writing slip-ups, when is Laura Spencer going to reemerge from her coma to rip Luke a new one for cheating on her while they were supposedly HAPPILY MARRIED????? Brian Frons, Jill Farren Phelps and Bob Guza seem to be unwilling or unable to answer that question!!!!

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    Laura in NOT in a coma!  She’s is getting medical treatment in France and Scottie is with her. 

    I hope TPTB really are trying to bring Genie Francis back!  She is greatly missed!!!

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    Alstonboy – the most impt. relationship in Luke’s life has always really been his sister bobbie.  Think about all the things and feelings he has expressed to her over the years – even so far as hating the idea of Carly pre-Tony because her existance could hurt bobbie. Luke could care less if Nik slept with every married woman in port charles.  Notice he hates that Lizard hurt HIS SON, but was sort of meh about the cheating aspect.  No, what Luke is objecting to is that Nik betrayed his BROTHER and by extention his SISTER despite years of begging to be considered family and swearing that he was not anything like his family – going after whatever they want when they want it because they can damn the consequences.

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    Thank you for correcting me…I must have missed that. The last time I remember seeing her was when Lulu visited her in that hospital. However, the underlying point that I was trying to make is that the writers have turned Luke into an adulteror and a liar……who cheated on Laura and had an illegitimate child. I feel they destroyed a huge piece of the show’s history by making Ethan his son.

    With that being said, I still LIKE the character of Luke Spencer, and I am even starting to like Ethan as well. So, maybe I am a hypocrite as well…

    Oh, well….if I am, I’ll accept that title…..

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