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    • Diane prepares for Sonny’s defense with nothing to work with
    • Carly confronts Olivia about Dante..with surprising results
    • Michael wants to confess
    • Lulu sits vigil
    • Luke grows up a little more, by supporting Lulu just as he supported Lucky in his
    • Robin is angry Patrick kept the secret
    • Steven & Patrick continue to clash

    There is more to the story! Discuss the fallout below!

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    I figured Carly wouldn’t come down on Olivia  for the lies. I just hope she understands Jax’s point even half as much.

    Love Sam. "OH SHUT THE FRONT DOOR". Kelly is so great with the accents. She does southern, valley girl, hookerism (???  LOL)  and she sounded just like Julitte Lewis I think it was, in Natrual Born Killers.  Then she steals the gun and puts it down those long long boots. They really need to write more stories like this for Sam and let her do her PI job and not be Jason’s pimp.

    Edited to add: really am gettting tired of Patrick and his all mighty self. Hope Steve punches him.

    Tired of hearing how Sonny was so wrong in shooting an undercover cop. yes I get that Sonny should not be shooting anyone esp. cops. But damnit these people know the mob takes out the opposition and a man coming in to your organization is bad for your business. Who in the mob and in their right mind would just roll over and let themselves get caught. That isn’t the way the mob works.

    I get it was wrong, I do not like it but really they all should have been telling all the mobs secret for the past ten years. But they didn’t now they need to face it because they might have made a difference in every ones lives.

    But come next sweeps period every one will be covering for the mob again.

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    Juliette Lewis in "Kalifornia"!


    LOVED IT!!

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