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    • Liz dreams she’s Hester Prynne and runs to Luke for…absolution?
    • Lucky & Johnny have it out at Jake’s
    • Jason goes to "visit" Dante and is surprised by what he learns
    • Carly commiserates with Sonny
    • Morgan learns of Jax’s role in Sonny’s setup

    There is more to the story. DIscuss today’s show below.

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     I nominate the actor who plays Morgan for Performer of the Week. That kid is amazing! He has made me cry more than anything else on this show has in a very long time!!!

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    That dream of Liz’ about the Scarlett Letter was cool.  Crazy, but funny.

    I gotta say, why was Luke the Judge?  He’s the one person who hasn’t judged her…
    And really?  Luke, the anti-law is a JUDGE/
    Luke the athiest grabbing a Bible?!

    LOVE Morgan, he looked like he was about to cry in the scenes with Jax.  Love that kid!

    Are they seriously going to put days between the smacking of Kristina again so we forget what the hell happened?
    GET ON with the s/ already!!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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