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    I by chance watched yesterday’s episode of GH online and I saw that Shawn’s son is not only a thief but much like Drucilla on Y&R was he is also illiterate. WHAT THE FUCK? In 2012 someone thought this was a good storyline or way to bring in his son?

    Now maybe it is because I am black or maybe it is commonsense, but I would have written the boy in as a well-to-do kid who went to prep school and came to live with his father after his mother died in a car accident. That way there would be this good/bad antagonistic relationship between father and son. And also Shawn would keep his lifestyle a mystery so that his son would not know how he was able to afford to keep his son in private school and pay for his lifestyle. That would lead to the ultimate drama when it was revealed.

    I would also cast a new black woman say played by Victoria Rowell whom was a teacher named Veronica James. And knowing that there was a romance on the horizon between Shawn and Carly, his son would plot to get Veronica and Shawn together. Thus, destroying any chance of a relationship between Shawn and Carly, because Shawn’s son didn’t approve of Carly’s connection to the mob and wanted his father to be with a moral woman. So Shawn’s son’s drive would be to create the nuclear Cosby-like family he never had.

    That’s a far cry from car thief and illiterate degenerate that they have him playing now. And this is why soaps benefit from having black people in the writing room when it comes to developing storylines. Because unless you are Agnes, Lorraine or Sally then they tend to write us based on what they saw on the 5 O’clock news.

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    I agree as well but I didn’t know the kid was his son. I thought he was a friend’s son.

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    Awful. I don’t go for that shit at all.
    I agree.

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